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Diehard said:
Oct 28 '12, 6:44PM

Why did I take this quiz? I was born in 1999 and I got 0%

Cad Bane said:
Oct 19 '09, 10:28PM

17% because I guessed 83% of the time.

ginge26 said:
Apr 2 '09, 2:35PM

jem + the holograms! :D
i loved teenage mutant ninja turtles

robertjcb said:
Feb 20 '09, 9:44PM

I just got a 70% some of those were kinda hard

jakeri said:
Mar 30 '08, 10:20AM

i only got 32 :/ well thats just becausei live in finland and 90% of cartoons are dubbed and not all of those cartoons were shown here i have never heard of for example: wuzzles and get along gang

Keenu said:
Feb 21 '08, 8:50AM

Oh, I scored 52% =(

Keenu said:
Feb 21 '08, 8:50AM

I was born in 1980, however most of the shows that were listed I never even watched..I watched a lot of Strawberry Shortcake, Snorks, Grape Ape, Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, and Gummi Bears..A little dabble of carebears here and there, but not much else.

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