2005 Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble 2005 was the eighteenth annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It took place on January 30, 2005 at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California, which is why it used the West Side Story theme. The official theme song was "Find The Real" by Alter Bridge.

Do you know your Royal Rumble? Go back to 2005 and try your best! Hope you enjoy this quiz that I happen to put up. It will be an enjoyment for WWE fans for this year!!!!!!!!

Created by: Justin
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1. What was the first match at the Royal Rumble?
Maven vs Rhyno
Edge vs Shawn Micheals
Edge vs Triple H
JBL vs Big Daddy V
WWE title match
2. A triple threat match took place for the WWE championship Between JBL, Kurt Angle, and who?
Big Show
Orlando Jordan
Lyle the Kindly Viking
3. In the World Heavywieght Title Match, Evolution interfeared on who's behalf?
Triple H
Randy Orton
Evolution did not interfear
4. In the Casket match between Heindenrich and The Undertaker, two superstars interfeared. Snisky interfiered on Hendierichs behalf. Who interfered to help Undertaker and get rid of Snitsky?
Triple H
No one
5. In the WWE title match, who walked out the champion?
Kurt Angle
Big Show
6. In the Royal Rumble, Chris Benoit entered at #2. Who entered at enrty #1?
Shelton Benjamin
Hardcore Holly
Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels
7. Edge, Jericho, Benoit, Booker, Benjamin and Reigns teamed up to eliminate what superstar?
The Hurricane
Gene Snitsky
Muhammad Hassan
8. Shawn Micheals eliminated Kurt Angle During the rumble. Who eliminated HBK?
Kurt Angle
John Cena
Randy Orton
9. JBL's cabinit interfeared on his behalf in the WWE title match. Who interfeared on Angle's behalf?
Maven and Rhyno
Edge and HBK
Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak
Gene Snitsky and Kane
10. Was Booker T in that years Royal Rumble?
11. Who was the Winner of that years Royal Rumble?
John Cena
Kurt Angle

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