Zompocalypse Survival!

Do you fear the dead rising from the grave? Do you fear them rising and coming after you? Well do you fear them rising, coming after you, catching you, tearing you to pieces and devouring you before turning on those you know and love in a feeding frenzy that will envelope the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this quiz could be the eye-opener you need!

There are few people who would be prepared to fight back, come Z-Day. If you would like to be one of them, this is a bad place to start. Go watch some Romero movies and talk to other survivors, then come back and see how likely you are to survive the onslaught of the living dead!

Created by: Ryan Brown
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How long can you run without stopping?
More than an hour
About an hour
About a half hour
Fifteen minutes
Ten minutes or less
4. How experienced are you with firearms?
I can effectively shoot a sattelite out of orbit
I have extensive experience with guns
I shot a rifle/shotgun while hunting
I've shot a rifle/shotgun at summer camp
I went to a shooting range once...
Wait, which end goes boom?
5. What is the highest caliber vehicle you can operate?
Anything with wheels
Huge trucks or buses
Construction equipment
Farming equipment
Cars and trucks
6. Do you have a plan for when the zeds attack?
Zeds? What??
I've thought about it...
I have a mental outline
I've made a full plan of survival
I have multiple survival plans written down
I've bought land, and an extra vehicle fully outfitted, and I have regular practice drills
7. What vehicle will you use against the zombie threat?
Ohh, zombies. I get it now. Haha, zompocalypse...
Walking (Running)
Car or SUV
Large truck
Armored Vehicle
8. Do you have weapons at home?
Weapons? Heavens no!
I have a bat...
Paintball/BB Gun(s)
Small pistols or handguns
Heavy gun (Shotgun/Rifle) and blunt weapons
There is an arsenal in my basement :)
9. Who will you take with you?
The only one I can trust; Me.
One trusted comerade
My family
My family and friends
Anyone I can...
10. What protective clothing could you don in an emergency?
Uhh, I'm a nudist...
T-Shirt and shorts
Heavy shirt and pants/jeans
Leather jacket and heavy pants
Chainmail suit or plate mail
Full body armor/Riot gear
11. Do you have short hair? If not, would you be willing to cut it?
No, I wouldn't cut it
No, I would cut it
My hair goes to my waist and it's staying that way
12. What is your 'survival' strategy?
Doors locked, windows boarded, praying
Attack the ghouls from a fortified position
Keep shooting and moving, without a real goal..
Drive into the middle of them and start shooting!
Take no chances. Suicide at the first sign of invasion
13. Where are you headed when the brains hit the fan?
Out to sea, on a boat
An island, surrounded by water
Military base. They'll know what to do
An isolated farm, where you can see zombies coming from a mile away
Stay in my house, and wait for rescue
Other (see next question)
14. Where are you headed? (Continued)
A silo. Lots of food, high off the ground
Up north to Alaska. Not many people
The mall. Nearly unlimited supplies
Wal-Mart or similar store, same reason
Stay in the air (Plane, jet, blimp)
15. What is your end goal? After everything blows over...
Repopulate humanity on the ashes of fallen civilization
Eradicate the walking dead scourge from the face of the earth once and for all
Find a cure for zombification and save all of mankind from undead horror
Enslave the undead for your own nefarious purposes
"As long as I survive, I don't care what happens..."
16. What is the best way to dispose of dispatched and dealt-with dirt munchers? :)
Leave them and move on
Pile the bodies and burn them
Chop them up (dismember)
Incinerate them with nuclear weapons
17. What is the most effective method of incapacitating a typical ghoul?
Kick it in the groin
Burn it up
Dismember it
Stop its breathing
Remove its head or destroy its brain
18. Do the Uniform Delta (UnDead) feel pain?
19. Do they feel emotion?
20. Do they get tired after a while?
21. The classic question; What if you got bitten?
Put a bullet in my brain. No way I'm turning into one of them :(
Have someone else shoot me X/
Wander off to turn by yourself :/
Hide it and eventually try to eat your friends >:)
Infect your loved one so you could be together forever
Eat some zombies, because it would be ironic! XD
22. You are driving by a small group of survivors battling a small group of undead. What do you do?
Leave them. Survival of the fittest!
Stop to help and go your separate way
Kill some zombies from your vehicle and keep moving
Stop to help and pick them up
Stop to help, then join their team
Kill everyone, dead heads or not, and loot the bodies
23. You get to a small town with your group. You proceed to:
Skirt the town and avoid it all together
Set up camp on the outskirts and raid every so often
Give it a look-see as you pass through
Raid the town for supplies and keep moving
Raid the town for survivors and keep moving
Try to eradicate the zeds and live in the town
24. What do you grab for food when you raid?
Any non-perishables
Baked goods (bread, muffins, etc)
Candy + sugary foods
some non-perishables and candy
baked goods and sugary foods
a little of everything
25. What do you take for drinks then you raid?
Soda and energy drinks
Water (bottled spring)
Juice drinks
powdered drinks w/ water
Organic tea and fitness drinks
a little of everything

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