Zombie Survival

We all know that this day is coming. The day when a infection is spread out, and causes the living to die, and the dead to come to life. They will come for you with a stomach for some raw meat!

How much do you know about the undead? Do you think you will survive until all infected are gone? Or will you be zombie chow without trying. There's only one way to find out, and that's taking the quiz!

Created by: Cole
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1. If you were alone at your house, and you here on the news of the dead walking, what would you do?
Don't know, don't care
Start asking questions
Talk to friends and family about it
Bar the windows, and get your M16
2. How many guns do you have with you?
A bunch
3 or 4
What's a gun?
3. Do you have a well thought out idea in case of z-day?
4. What place would you go to for safety?
Stay home
Police station
Middle of nowhere
Large city
5. What would be your preferred gun against the undead?
Pistol (silencer)
Sniper Rifle
Water gun
6. Lets say you are running away from a highly infected area. You run into a group of 5 survivors. Who would you take?
Best friend
Family member
Hot chick/dude
Police man
7. Your friend is cornered by 5 zombies, and you are 7 feet away with 3 pistol shots. What do you do?
Put him out of his misery
Draw there attention, and go Chuck Norris on them
Apologize, and run away
Shoot 3, leave the rest to your friend
8. What do you know about zombies?
They like to stroll on afternoon walks
They love the taste of human flesh, and are slow
Best killed by shooting them in the heart
They have superhuman abilities
9. If you have a plan, what is it?
Find a safe haven, and run like hell for it
Go to a family member, or friends house
Stay quiet and hidden
10. How would you get your food?
Run to stores, and get all the food you can
Become a cannibal
Starve to death
11. A fellow survivor is bitten. What do you do?
See if he/she doesn't become infected
Tell him/her it's gonna be okay, and lock him/her down
Shoot him/her in the head no questions asked
Suck the infection out, vampire style
12. A radio broadcast says that there is a safe haven in the middle of the city, with food and shelter. What do you do?
Pack your things, and go for it
Stay put
Send a scout to the city, and check
13. You are surrounded by 10 zombies, with 4 pistol shots left in your magazine. What do you do?
4 gone, 6 to go
Take out three, run for it with one shot left
Shoot three, suicide
14. It has been 3 months since the outbreak of infection. What keeps you going?
Screw it, I have nothing to live for
Hang on, there is still hope
Wait another 2 months
Go out fighting
15. A person is being chased by 7 undead, and tries to get in your haven. What's the plan?
Open the door, and let him/her in
Sorry, not home
Let him/her in, check for bites
Avert zombies attention, giving the person another shot at escape
16. Where do you live?
17. How strong are you?
Average Joe
Some muscles here and there
An Arnold/ Chuck Norris mix
18. What kind of experience do you have with firearms?
Video games and movies
Paint ball and air soft
19. A broadcast says that the infection is gone, and you can finally live freely.
Go out and enjoy
Take a peek outside
Stay indoors until more info comes out
20. YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!
I am?
No i'm not, i'm a pile of zombie appetizer

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