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b_asheley said:
Dec 29 '15, 12:07AM

Took this similar quiz at a work training... results were much more detailed.

Cjlarsen77 said:
Apr 19 '15, 10:37PM

At the top of the quiz it says email to Shelly. Some kind of link to do that would be helpfull, since Imdon't know Shelly :-)

aslmyk said:
Mar 28 '15, 3:31PM

I wasn't crazy about the format of "pick one of these words that all start with the same letter", but the results did closely duplicate those of another A/E/A/D personality test.

starman said:
May 13 '14, 9:41AM

#32 s/b Proud not Prous.

Dlilly said:
Apr 11 '14, 1:22AM

Shelly - Great quiz. Can I use these for my own courses?

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