Your Boyfriend in Books

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IvystarGecko said:
Apr 17 '16, 9:28PM

Percy Jackson

Mereshlobber said:
Apr 12 '16, 12:24AM

I got gale!

nikkie said:
Jan 3 '16, 9:05AM

Whooooooooooooo!!!! !!!

Mwahahahaha said:
Jan 7 '13, 2:43AM

Gale :O WOOO~!

Mustache lover said:
Jan 6 '13, 2:18PM

But Percy has a girlfriend *Cough* Annabeth *Cough*... Oh well! I still love my result :)

Beatle Obsessed said:
Jan 5 '13, 11:01AM

Percy!!! :D @Liz hehe! @Neon same here

MPToki said:
Jan 3 '13, 12:27AM

I got Fang...
Who on Earth is he?!
Oh... From Maximum Ride...
Well the quiz was fun =D

Access Denied said:
Jan 1 '13, 2:45PM

Deity of the Underworld, bad-tempered, and sweet. John Hayden from Abandon is the guy for you. Even though his temper gets the best of him at times, he remains super sweet and lovely.

DelTop13 said:
Dec 30 '12, 6:47PM

Sorry it didn tpost all of what I said. I also said:
He is my favorite character from the Hunger games :D

DelTop13 said:
Dec 30 '12, 6:46PM


LoneShadowWolf said:
Dec 30 '12, 1:49PM

I haven't read maximum ride, but Fang seems really cool. I took a similar quiz I little while ago and got him too. I like!

katd13 said:
Dec 30 '12, 10:23AM

Ooh Zach. Yes, my favorite spy.

NeonHedgehog said:
Dec 28 '12, 9:32PM

I like Gale in the books, but I kind of like Percy's personality better. Those are the only two people I know on here.

liz_king97 said:
Dec 28 '12, 9:14PM

Gale. Aw, I was hoping for Percy.
I really liked it though, it was cool

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