Your After Life Return

You may or may not be wandering what you'll come back as. Is it a mermaid? A fairy? A prince/princess? Or an animal? There is just so many possibilities!

Take this fun quiz to find out! Which one do you think that you'll come back as. Now remember, answer all questions with complete truth. If you don't, you may get the wrong results...

Created by: Miley Hilton

  1. Which would you prefer?
  2. Which is your fave animal?
  3. Which is your fave show/movie?
  4. Which is your fave color?
  5. Pick a food!
  6. Pick a place you'd love to go for vaca.
  7. Are u popular????????????????????????
  8. Which do you want to be ur name
  9. Boy er idk wut i just sed!!
  10. almost there last question just put sumthing down it don't have an effect.. ;0000)))

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