You Against the World

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cxxccxxc said:
Feb 12 '16, 2:16PM

You have a 0%chance of making it big just dont take my thunder bi

Its betwen two topics you end up in either two things. The first would be that your just a wimp and thats sad. the second is your just too nice and any one can use you as their doormat so i suggest you toughen up a bit.


Morgan3929 said:
Oct 11 '13, 8:07PM

You have a 23%chance of making it big just dont take my thunder bi


your a sad and depressed little soul and by that i mean your a little and defenseless puppy hiding inside the human face of a wimp but dont take it personaly

Looks like someone is jealous of me :D

iDontKnow9000 said:
Feb 1 '13, 2:49AM

your car got stonlen bye a 7-yare old
good job i mee-n goo---d jo--b

portiap said:
Oct 4 '11, 4:13PM

hey i think u should take the "are u a pyromaniac?"quiz.yo ur apparent obsession with fire could be serious...

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