Xx Is it Love or just a crush? xX

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Xx Love, or just a crush, Lets find out!! Love is a true feeling inside of you, that makes you feel special, or r u just a crush? take this quiz and find out! xX

Xx Are you both made for eachother? well, thanks to this quiz, you can now find out!!!! Is it just a little cute friendship and a secret of love uinsdie you, or is it a HUGE RAMANCE? xX

Created by: Dani
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1. Xx Do Your ACASIONALY See Him/her? xX
Sometime..we sometimes bump into eachother.
I Never Leave him alone..im always there..watching (Me: O_O)
2. Xx Do You Ever Talk to him/her? xX
OBV! I Talk to him at school/msn/facebook/writen messages..i cant ever leave him, ever... :P (Me: O_O)
I Sometimes do..but the convosation dies after about 3 mins :-( (Me: Aww x )
Meh. Hardly :S
I Always have to work with him in class, we have a great laugh :P
Kinda, sorta..well..no :(
Never...i get embaressed xD
3. Xx What do you have in common? xX
same Intrests :P
like the same Lessons.
Same colour
same taste in music
Nothing D':
4. Xx What do you both normally chat about? xX
funny stuff that happend during ur day :D
nothing, we hardly chat about ANYTHING.
rumours/gossip xx
we dont chat !!! (Me: Okay okay keep ur nose hairs in..cor..)
5. Xx Do You have eachother on facebook/msn/chat rooms? xX
Obviously, i need to stalk him..(Me: Errhw xD Kk then..)
Yes! x
Wtf is facebook? msn--CHAT ROOMS,,,AHH WHAT IS ALL THIS STUFF...-spazzes on the floor- TOO, MUCH, GOING, INTO, BRAIIIIN!! -dies-
Yeah, but, i never talk to them..and they never talk to me
No. :-|
Eeww..thats like stalking -shivvers-
6. Xx Do You Ever cry over him/her wishing they wer yours?? xX
Everynight. (Me: In my dreams, i see you, i fe-el you
Eww..cor, i aint into him that much, especially to CRY Over them >:O
I Cry to my friends, i need conforting
At Night, when everyone is asleep, i listen to a sad song..and cry myself to sleep :(
yes, and he knows, HOW EMBARESSING...!!
7. Xx Do You Have something of theirs? xX (not affecting results)
Yes, he/she gave it to me xxx
yeah, i stole their iphone. (Me: O..kay..O_o)
i DID, but i broke it :(
No, why would i want their stuff when i have my OWN Stuff
8. Xx What is the top thing you think about during your day? xX
What He/She is up to xx
food. (Me: .... :S)
My Family xx
What im going to do on the weekend!! x
My work, i need to study, its my life. SCHOOL RULES!!
My Future x -babies-wedding-ect..
9. Xx If You had a one chance to go on a date with that special someone, what would you do for your date? xX
Romantic microwave meal :) (Me: C-ool.. :S)
cinema, romantic movie xx
cinema, horror movie, so i can pretend to be scared, and hide in their arms xx
picnic on the beach :) ill put sand in their sandwich, i love jokes :D
Meal in a resturant x
a date? eww..
10. (lastly) Xx What is the nicest thing that he/she has ever done for/to/said To You? xX
they havent..i had to do all the nice stuff.. :(
give me some chewing gum--ehh..life goes on..
Kiss me.x --or further--
saying that your a great friend x
saying they love you x

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