Would you survive the Hunger Games?

After watching the Hunger Games, lots of people wonder if they would survive the Games. It's a very common question. You'll never know...until now, when you take my quiz!

So, would you survive the Hunger Games? Do you have the brain power, skills, and strength to become one of the few victors? Well, if you want to find out, take my quiz! Enjoy!

Created by: Rebekahh27
1. What is your age?
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3. The 74th Hunger Games begin. You...
Freeze. You are too scared to move.
Run to the cornucopia, grab a backpack, and head for the woods.
Kill as many people as you can with a knife that you found.
Run straight to the woods.
Find a partner to team up with.
4. It's finally nighttime. Where do you sleep?
I don't sleep! It's too much of a risk!
On the ground.
On a tree branch.
Hidden in a cave.
Hidden under leaves and twigs to blend in.
5. You are out of water and are very thirsty. You decide to go to the lake and get some water, but the Careers are there. You...
Wait until they leave.
Try to scare them away.
Find a clever way to get them to leave.
Look for another lake.
Sneak up on them and try to kill them!
6. You are about to kill somebody, but they ask to be allies. You...
Agree, but kill them in the night.
Say no and kill them.
Say no but let them go.
Say yes, but run away at night.
7. You are out of food and really hungry. You...
Steal some from the Careers.
Hunt animals.
Do nothing. You think that you'll be fine!
Out of food! I save mine up! I'm never out of food!
Eat wild berries and plants, even though you don't know if it's dangerous or not.
8. You hear that there are bags of supplies at the cornucopia that you really need. Do you go?
Yeah, but you go quietly and quickly.
Yeah, and you dash right in really loudly!
No, that's dangerous!
9. You are sleeping peacefully on the ground, but suddenly wake up and see that the Careers are standing above you, holding knives. You...
Throw the knife at them that you were holding in your sleep and then run away!
Run away!
Convince them to let you live.
Convince them to let you be allies with them.
10. You hear that you won the Games! You...
Do a victory dance!
Look around, still unsure. They could be lying to you!
11. Will you comment or rate?
Of course!
Probably not.
12. Did you enjoy my quiz?
It was okay.
Not really.

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