Would you survive the Hunger Games?

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Welcome to the first ever Hunger Games! I hope you are up for the challenge! I personally want to kill President Snow, but don't tell him that! (Ssssshhh..)

(This is a survival quiz. Battle for your life against all odds, including other tributes, bloodbaths, fireballs and much, much more. You really need guts, to be able to face these games! )

Created by: Mercy Jackson

  1. You see five weapons on the ground. Which do you pick up?
  2. When someone confronts you about something, you tend to:
  3. To your misfortune, you accidentally walk into a tracker jacker nest. The hallucinations come on in full force. Where do you go?
  4. What do you consider your most useful talent?
  5. If you had actually grabbed what you wanted from the Cornucopia, where would you have gone?
  6. A kind-hearted young girl tribute looks up to you for guidance. Do you:
  7. You are offered to join the Careers, but you know you're not as strong as they are and you aren't from any of their districts. Do you join?
  8. How brave are you?
  9. You meet another tribute and you find yourself developing feelings. How do you handle these sudden affections?
  10. You're hiding from the Careers and you hear them coming closer. What do you do?

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