Would you survive on kebabulon?

Kebabulon is a robloxian discord server for epic / epicoh people. If you want to know how to join, take this quiz. It'll fit right for you! Kebabulons rad btw.

filler biller tiller john is a alexander also bill nye the science guy is rad right guys? right? anyways i have to right this filler stuff so yeah haha

Created by: alexander hamilton

  1. Are you epic?
  2. Are you offended easily?
  3. Are you a internet nerd? (Do you use the internet more then 5 hours a day?)
  4. Close your eyes, then pick one.
  5. Be honest, did you close your eyes on the last one?
  6. Do you play roblox?
  7. Do you want to die?
  8. Are you dead inside?
  9. What is the square root of 13?
  10. Is this a filler question? Answer honestly.

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