Would you survive in the wild?

Surviving in the great outdoors can be very hard especially if you don't know what to do about food, water, shelter, injuries, and dangerous animals! You've really got to have what it takes if you want to stay alive!

Do you think you could stay alive? Do you think you have the ability to get it together and defeat the outdoors? In 12 simple questions you'll find out! [This quiz is just for fun! Don't take it seriously!]

Created by: Liv
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3. Man, I'm starving! What should I do for food?
Whatever animals eat must be okay for me to eat!
Sharpen sticks and go hunting!
Uhhh, i need to loose some weight...
any nuts or berries i see!
4. AHHH! A snake just bit you! IS it poisonous? Snake: Whole body is light Green.
YEAH all snakes are venomous!
No way its just a harmless green snake
AHHH rattlesnake!
5. Time to build a shelter. Not sure how long you might be here. Where do you build it?
Near a fresh water supply.
Not near water. I didn't bring mosquitoe spray.
Does it matter?
6. That was a good meal of: rabbit. Where should i store it?
Next to me as I sleep, i always have a midnight snack
keep it outside by the fire.
Toss it-- Smokey's cousin isn't too friendly
put it by a tree far off and see if it's still there tomorrow.
7. You've been stranded in the woods for about a week now. what do you do to find a way out?
Climb a tall tree and take a look around
Where is the nearest payphone?
Follow the river until i find someone or a town or road
Tree, then follow river
go in one direction until i get out. woods can't go on forever....right?
8. Another snakebite!?!? Ok, the coral snake is one of the most venomous, but the scarlet snake is harmless. Can you tell the difference? [hint: both snakes are red black and yellow and the colers are in stripes. there's a rhyme that goes with the
Red touch black friend to jack, red touch yellow kill a fellow
red touch yellow ok for a fellow red touch black kills jack
I already told ALL snakes are venomous
9. True or False: Most snakes in the United snakes ARE venomous
10. A mountain lion spotted you! What do you do?
Find something to hit it with, no one can outrun a mt. lion!
climb a tree
play dead
11. A crazy mountain guy is tracking you and he's got a gun. He lived in the mountains so long he went completly insane. How do you get away?
Keep running
climb a tree
run around in circles and freak out
move by night and when it rains
12. Last question: Do you think you would have survived?
not in a million years

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