witch avatar character are you

Ever wonder if you could be a powerfull bender or a bender at all smart loyal caring an avenger well see what avatar character you are most like now :)!

You could be Tosh the earthbender Aang The avatar Zuko the fire bender katara the water bender and healer or sokka the nothing bender and leader of the aang gang

Created by: amazon of witchavatarcharacterareyou
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3. When you start the day you think...
"Oh great an other fun day" sarcasticly
"Time to start my training" enthusiastically
"Maybe todays the day i can go back home" hopefully
"I love being free on this adventure" Happily
"ok of to continue my adventure" regularly
4. Whats your favorite color
i like all colors
5. what is the most important to you
6. If your sorronded and hurt you would...
fight till the end
give up
pretend to give up until the moment comes and ATTACK
run and find help
ignore the wounds theyll be fine soon
7. how do you feel about the fire nation
everbody is afraid of them
they kill everyone and they deserve to die
theyre bad now but people can change
theyre full of theyre selves
i have mixed feelings
8. if you had a day to do whatever you wanted what would you do
hang out with friends
practice my bending
go back to my village
do some fighting
9. what do you think about the war with the fire nation
they had it coming with everthing theyve been doing
they kill everyone and made them scared we need to stop them
i know they kill people but peace is better
i dont care if they do or dont aslong as it doesnt involve me
what ever aang wants to do im with him every step of the way
10. at school you were...
best grades in all classes
mean with a nice side
the nerd
popular but wished you were regular
11. when pain comes you...
heal it
endure it
stop it from coming
destroy who did it to me
12. what is you is your biggest wish
I wish i wasnt royal
i wish my family would except me
i wish i didnt hold so much power
i wish the fire lord is dead so i can go home
i wish i could save my friends

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