Will you survive Z-Day?

Z-Day is coming and you know it. You need to be prepared or youll just be one of the casualties.I based my quiz as a kind of "story" so its not like other quizzes.

Do you think you will survive Z-Day? Do you think you have what it takes to survive the world's worst day? Well know you can finnaly know if you will survive. By taking this quiz,you'll find out if you can.

Created by: Tochy
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You wake up. What do you do?
Go back to sleep
Eat something
Exercise ( Im trying to lose weight )
Exercise ( Im a body builder )
4. You look at yourself in the mirror. What kind of body do you see?
Rather big
Body Builder
5. Then you look at your hair. How long is it?
Very Long
Im bald
Crazy ( Giant mohawk or spikez )
6. And finally you look at your face. How good do you look?
Extremely hot
Good looking
About average
Not so well
I dont go outside...
7. You go to your living room.Your TV is on. You notice a news anchor talking about a new disease or infection thats turning people crazy and feral like. What do you do?
Change the channel
Get the nearest weapon and go outside
Start planning
Call your friends
Kill yourself
8. You hear a noise in your back yard. What do you do?
Go check
Grab that weapon and check
Piss your pants
9. You see a man standing on your backyard. He looks pale,his clothes are ripped and bloodied, and you see blood on his mouth. What do you do?
Ask him if hes ok
Beat the hell out of him
Run away
Laugh at him
10. He's coming towards you. Your holding a 2 foot long blade. Where do you hit him?
Chop off the legs. He cant get me if he can't walk.
Stab him the heart
Chop off the head
Choop the arms
11. After taking care of that you notice a cop getting nibbled to death by a small group of zombies.They kill him and then leave. You see that the cop was holding a pistol. You go over there and pick it up. Do you know how to use it?
I am Chuck Norris
Videogames Count?
I;ve fired one before
I don't believe in guns
I've received gun training before
12. You decide you should get other weapons,because the pistol you have only has one clip. How far is the nearest gun shop?
1 to 5 miles away. I could walk there
5 to 10 miles away. Good drive from my house
10 to 30 miles away. Damn
50+ miles away. Your screwed
I don't know any gun shops
13. You hear a car coming towards you. The car stops in front of you and the driver says "You want a ride to a gun shop?" You say yes,so he drives you there. While on your way to the gunshop,you notice a group people( about 5 )getting attacked by a group of zombies. The driver says "you wanna help 'em?".What do you say?
"Hell no."
"Hell yes"
"Just give them a weapon,let them fend for themselves."
Idk and idc
14. Before you can decide,you see an even BIGGER group of zombies coming towards you. So the driver drives off. You arrive at the gunshop. You can carry 5 magazines of each.Which weapon do you pick?
1911 .45 Pistol. 10-Round clip
.375 Revolver. 30 Shots
Mossenberg Pump Action SG. 4-round clip
7.62 NATO Round Semi AK-47. 20-Round Clip
R700 Sniper Rifle. 5-Round Clip
.22 Rimfire Rifle.10 Round Clip
15. The driver tells you that you and him are heading towards a medium-sized werehouse where he says that theres some food and water. He also mentions some survivors are there too. When you arrive, you look for the survivors,but what you find is just a bunch of zombies. Where do you shoot them?
On the head
Near the heart
On the balls
Shoot them?
16. You manage to kill a few zombies,but theres too many,and your running out of ammo,so you decide to just get the hell out of there. You go into the car that drove you there,but you cant find the driver.You guess that he's probably dead,so oh well.But first you need to know this,can you drive this car? PS:Its a manual.
I've seen people drive cars.
I need a licence,ROIGHT?
Only auto,no manual.
I can drive both auto and manual.
Can't reach the pedals.
17. You try to turn on the car,but the keys arent there( the driver probably has them,but hes a zombie by now). You decide to just run. How long can you run withouth tiring?
1-5 Min.
10-25 Min.
I cant run
18. You arrive at a small grocery store. No zombies in here. Your carrying a backpack. What kind of things do you get?
Candy and anything sugary for a quick boost of energy.
Caned goods and water bottles
Breads,meats,and some soda.Mmmmm
Beef jerky and energy drinks
Save space for other things
19. While in the store you heard loud and rappid gunfire. You walk out of the store and onto the street.What you see amazes you. Men is S.W.A.T style suits are gunning down zombies with MP5s and M4'S. You stand there in amazement,when suddednly one of them grabs you and takes you to a nearby heli. He checks you for bites and then says "clear!" to another one of them. You fly off. The heli has some windows,so you look out of one. You look at one of the other helis in the air and notice its spinning rapidly out of control. Then it comes towards your heli. It crashes onto yours and then your heli starts spinnibg out of control.What do you think is going to happen?
Were gonna crash! We re going to crashhhhhhhhhh
Ill survive right?
20. Then you wake up. You looks around and notice your in your bedroom. What are you thinking?
It was all a dream? NOOOOOO
Thank god,it was just a dream
Awwwww,i thought it was real

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