will you survive the zombies?

my zombie quiz features 42 questions and was designed soley to give you he truth, will you be one of the highly skilled lucky ones, or should you just kill yourself when you hear of an outbreak? i hope you learn something from it!

so how likely are you to survive, these 42 questions will asess your physical survivability, emotional stability in a crisis, common sense, and useful knowledge of such situations. good luck!

Created by: lewis
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. do you have any experience with firearms?
professional shooter
recreational shooter
i've fired a gun
i know how to handle a gun
...i'm scared of the noises
4. do you have any martial arts experience?
5+ years
a few years
i've been in a lot of fights
i can put up a decent fight
5. which of the following is the most useful ranged weapon you posess?
air rifle
...a heavy rock
6. which of the following is the most useful melee weapon you posess?
crowbar/baseball bat
a stick
7. a close family member/friend of yours becomes infected and begins to turn, what do you do?
dispatch them without hesitation
stare into their eyes, clench your teeth and put them out of their misery
lock them away
tie them up
kill yourself
8. what is the best technique for destroying a zombie?
severing the head or destroying the brain
breaking the nose
kicking the groin
breaking the spine
causing pain
getting eaten
9. when preparing to search a room what do you do?
quietly enter
ask if anyone's there
run in and fire wildly
knock on the door
get someone else to do it
throw a bomb in
10. where do you go when you hear of a widespread zombie epidemic?
my mum's house
a police station
the shops
a convoy
a secluded hiding spot
11. where do you live?
large town
small town
middle of nowhere
i am a hobo with a stolen computer
12. what time of day would you travel in the event of a zombie outbreak?
mid day
13. if your group became surrounded by zombies, what would you do?
act like zombies and try to sneak out
shoot yourself
barricade yourselves in and kill as many as you can
hotwire a vehicle and drive through
make a bomb and blow a hole through
try to fight your way through
14. do you know how to make any explosives?
only molotovs
of course!
i'm an expert!
15. which of the following plans would you be most likely to follow?
hide out with a few friends
loot and kill!
get in as big a group as possible and hide out
get in as big a group as possible and keep moving
go insane
find a few survivors, barricade myself away at night and search for weapons, supplies and survivors during the day
16. how strong are you?
i'm champion of the human/bear wrestling association
my biceps make it difficult to reach my armpits
stronger than most
weaker than most
they call me stickman
17. how far can you run?
less than a mile
about a mile
a few miles
several miles
i run marathons
18. if i were to loot an armoury i would take ___ as a primary weapon
assault rifle
heavy ordanance
just pistols
19. if i were to loot an armoury i would take ___ as a backup weapon
micro smg
a sword/axe
standard 9mm/.45 pistol
custom pistol with scope/high cap mag/laser etc.
20. how much food do you have stored in your home on an ordinary day?
a day's worth
a few days' worth
a week's worth
enough for a few weeks
enough to feed a small army
i dont have a home
21. if faced by a zombie unarmed you would...
act like a zombie
call for help
fight (i am a martial artist)
fight (i am not a martial artist)
22. if yu found survivor/s the first thing you would do would be...
check for bites
steal all their stuff
enquire about their status
casually greet them
avoid them
ask if you can join them
23. if you came across a lone survivor surrounded by a small group of zombies you would...
ignore them
distract the zombies
engage the zombies at long range
check if they are worth helping at range, if so, carefully kill off the zombies
run in and dismember the zombies
run in and dismember the survivor, then rob them
24. your preferred mode of transport in a zombie infested wasteland would be...
a 4x4
an ordinary car
a sports car
a truck
a motorcycle
a horse
25. if given a choice of one attachment to your primary weapon it would be...
a bayonet
a scope
a torch
a high capacity magazine
a low recoil stock
a laser
26. after inserting a new magazine into a gun you must...
turn the safety on
cock the hammer
chamber the first round
visually check inside the barrel
27. true or false, a zombie needs air to survive
false, but air is beneficial to a zombie
28. true or false, zombies need food to survive
false, but food is beneficial to a zombie
29. which of the following can be used to identify a zombie?
dilated pupils
30. which of the following would be your ideal destination, and overall target in a zombie outbreak?
a fairly large, well inhabited ship
a military base
a hospital
the mall
a sparsely inhabited area out of range of zombie movement
a grocery store
31. if you came across a child about to turn into a zombie, what would you do?
dispatch them without hesitation
wait until they turn, then hesitantly kill them if necessary
comfort them
shoot yourself
32. how easily are you scared?
if a person makes growling noises i panic
very little scares me
i'm scared of the dark
i find horror movies terrifying
horror movies make me jump
horror movies put me on edge
33. what does it take to wake you up?
a loud alarm clock
a good shake
a gallon of icy water
i wake up in the middle of the night
34. what is the delay on a standard hand grenade?
1 second
2 seconds
3 seconds
4 seconds
5 seconds
10 seconds
35. where is the safety on a gun usually located?
near the trigger
near the hammer
near the magazine release
on the slide
36. which of the following types of ammunition would you preffer
ball (standard)
hollow point
full metal jacket
37. what is your usual role in a group?
38. how many zombie movies have you watched in the past?
39. if you heard about a potential zombie outbreak what would you do?
try to find out more
rally up a large, well prepared group
collect as many weapons and supplies as possible
ignore it
leave the country
40. do you believe a re animating virus will be possible in the future?
anything is possible
i know it will happen
41. if faced by a stranger acting very much like a flesh eating zombie what would you do?
avoid them
kill them
try to talk to them
42. why did you take this quiz?
i was bored
i was asked to
i was scared
i was interested
i wanted to know whether i should gather supplies or kill myself at first notice
i don't know

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