Will you need braces a second time?

Find out if you need braces again by answering these easy questions. BE HONEST! This is only to help you find out some information, so do not feel bad if you get an answer you dislike.

-HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-_- :) ;) :( :p Make sure to try to make your own quiz! so other people can take your quiz that YOU created! How cool would that be!?

Created by: Karen

  1. Have you had braces before?
  2. Are your teeth straight, crooked, turning in, overlapping, or under lapping?
  3. Are your teeth always changing position?
  4. Did you like your smile after you had braces
  5. Did you loose all your teeth before you got braces?
  6. What do your friends say about you teeth
  7. What does the dentist say?
  8. Are your teeth hurting
  9. Do you want braces?
  10. Do the dentists have an age for how old you have you be to get braces?

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Quiz topic: Will I need braces a second time?