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kowalskiho said:
Nov 4 '13, 10:04PM

My result was Cole Pendery, with a 80%.
Gabe with a 74%.
Dalton with a 68%.
Will with a 63%.
Dana with a 56%.

I am so happy.....he is the hottest...but Dana has the best voice!

JanaIM5Brazil said:
Sep 14 '12, 9:06PM

I got Will :D he's so...ugh, perfect at all

5thMarauder said:
Jul 27 '12, 9:00AM

But I think Dalton is the best. Even though they are all beyond awesome.

5thMarauder said:
Jul 27 '12, 8:58AM

Heehee,I got Dana :)

natuhleegayle said:
Jul 19 '12, 5:24PM

Oh my God, is there actually more im5 fans on go to quiz? Let me love you.

I got Dalton! Is everyone getting Dalton? LOL. He's the best though, they all are so I'm not complaining :$

33iZZy18 said:
Jul 19 '12, 3:57PM

I got Dalton and he seems cute:) For some reason he looks so familiar and a few year ago I went to that town to visit some family... Did I meet him before he became Famous O.o

AiFiahK3mE said:
Jul 19 '12, 7:24AM

Gosh, I got Dalton :D

@Aria Aren't they? ^-^

Aria said:
Jul 18 '12, 7:33PM

Hm...I got Dalton (: I guess I can live with it because each and every one of them are just completely mind blowing and stunningly handsome XD

Aria said:
Jul 18 '12, 7:31PM

HOLY MOLY! IM5 (: Eeeeeeep ! *sings don't run away*
I love Cole, he's just so sexy. Omg, how did you find out about them? IM5 fans are rare, really rare. Welcome to the club! Spread the word about IM5 (:

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