Who is your ideal RPG love-match?

You know the RPG males well at this stage, but if you were to meet any of them in real life, who would you be likely to fall for? What kind of guy is your ideal match?

Take this quiz to discover you would would live happily ever after with - or not, if that's your thing....It will tell you something about yourself as well as your ideal match! Enjoy!

Created by: amazon of The Lost World
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your idea first date might involve?
Listening to your date entertaining you with all kinds of stories
Getting drunk and ending up in bed with the guy
A stroll through a national park followed by some home-brewed wine and philosophical discussion
Anything that's a good laugh
You and your date figuring out how good the other is at mind games
You're happy to do most of the talking and ask questions to draw your partner out
4. What would your ideal boyfriend give you for your birthday?
The opportunity to gain the upper hand
He probably wouldn't remember it - and that's if he ever even knew to begin with
Something beautiful he made himself
Something big involving a grand gesture
5. How would your ideal man ask you out?
With a bottle of vodka and the offer of a drinking game
He just wouldn't take no for an answer
He'd be sweet and romantic and convince you
He's a bit shy so you'd have to be the one to make the first move
By making himself appear irresistable
6. If you're feeling down, how would your boyfriend cheer you up?
By telling you are wonderful and baeutiful and amazing and he loves you and always will
He probably wouldn't notice, or if he did he'd steer clear
By taking you somewhere beautiful where you could forget your troubles
He'd do what he could to make you feel better, though it might not be his greatest talent.
By rubbing in your problems - it's what you would do to him so it's only fair.
7. What would his ideal birthday present be?
A tattoo of his name - somewhere only he will get to see
Money - or something he could sell to get some, if need be
Anything that you put thought and care into
8. What kind of holiday would suit you?
All inclusive resort - where the pair of you can lie around naked together all day
Something adventurous like hiking or mountain climbing
A tour of spiritual places in the world - and those where certain kinds of herbs are legal.
Somewhere with cheap alcohol and great nightlife
A murder-mystery weekend - and you'd cope if someone actually died, would make it more interesting
9. What would your ideal man do to someone who hurt you?
Kill them
Beat them to a bloody pulp
Shun them
Lash out however he could
Make their life hellish forever
10. If you hurt your partner, how would he react?
He'd be angry, but he'd forgive you, he loves you too much to live without you.
He'd make sure you never heard the end of it
He'd stay away for a while until he cooled down, then give you a chance to explain.
He'd be broken hearted, it would take him a long time to get over it.
He'd get revenge by hurting you back
11. How do you relax?
By smoking something relaxing and pondering the spirituality of the universe
Running, swimming, sporty stuff.
Having a few beers and a laugh
Having sex
Taking your frustration out on those arond you until you do't feel tense anymore.
12. What bad habit could you just not live with in a partner?
Smoking, especially anything illegal
A bad temper, no matter how sweet the guy was the rest of the time
Treating you badly
A lack of shame or guilt
Being too sweet all the time

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