Who are you? What's your deal?

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Harbor said:
Nov 23 '13, 8:51AM

I guess I am kinda, um, unique, but I can't help and I can't say I want to be normal cause I don't. I'm an original person with original views. But it's nearly impossible to make friends and I am very uncomfortable around people or in any social setting. I wish I could have close friends other than from chuch. But its like some mental barrier blocks me from being social. Having AvPD and ADHD along wih a phobia of fruit doesn't help my weirdness factor...

arlex said:
Apr 16 '12, 11:35PM

pretty cool i do act kinda funny and i do have a lot of chick friends but i still chill w/ my bros... bros b4 ho's

NeonSkittle said:
Dec 22 '11, 9:04AM

Awesome!!!!! :D

Thugs123 said:
Oct 26 '09, 10:38PM

This is a real cool quiz.

LAx said:
Aug 8 '09, 5:33AM

i am so hot and thats hot omg xoxo cool quiz !!!1

anonymuskitylick said:
Jul 23 '09, 2:26PM

hey theres.. i liked your quiz alots. When i first read the title i was liek is this person gonna find my true identity or something or is this person gonna find out my purpose in life.. but no you didnt.. im not mad.. thoo nor dissapointed.. AGAIN i liked your quiz... and stuffs and im gonna make my own... so yeahs this is a good site not liek those other quiz sites when they ask for liek all your info and shiz.. i get so pissed when im trying to take a quiz on those websites and then im almost done and then they are liek i wanna noe everything about you and give me your address and stuffs.. i get so angry .. hey did you watch the movie the hangover .. that was the greatest movie of all time.. !yup i liek funny movies. all of them they are all prettyyy cool .. im relle bored now so ima go take another quiz so liek yeah talks to you laters kk

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