Who are you in love with?

This is kinda girls only........ Are you attracted to someone other than your boyfriend (bf)? Do you actually love this other person or are you just drawn to their qualities in which your bf lacks?

The only way to find out is by taking this quiz! Who knows?...maybe this other person is your soul mate and you are supposed to be with them.....or maybe you're just bored of your bf or they are lacking something you long for and see in the other person.

Created by: Damask
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1. Okay...so you are with this dude, but you secretly like this other dude. Or maybe you just have 2 to pick from. This won't affect your score.
No!! Not correct! Me: then get off this quiz! }:|
2. Let's say the dude you are with is Person 2 and the other is Person 1.
Person 1!!! Yeah!
Why is my boyfriend #2? D8
3. Who gives you butterflies in your stomach?
Person 1
Person 2
4. Who totally bores you half to death?
Person 1
Person 2
5. You just kissed Person 1!!!
OMG!!!!!!! That was amazing! I could faint!!!
Not feelin' it
6. JK, you kissed Person 2 (your boyfriend)
Yay! He is my bf, after all....
Poop I ain't feelin' it
7. Well Person 2 is your boyfriend....
So? I'd dump him if I had a chance with Person 1
Yeah...for a reason....and that's why I'm not with Person 1
8. Who's cuter?
Person 1
Person 2
9. Who's hotter?
Person 1
Person 2
10. Who makes you smile, just thinking of them?
Person 1
Person 2
11. Who shares many of the same interests as you?
Person 1
Person 2
12. Okay....be honest....and FEEL this.....who do you LOVE?
Person 1
Person 2
13. Okay maybe the other dude is sweeter and nicer and likes you a lot, but you'll still love the same dude, right?

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