Who Are You In Avatar The Last Airbender

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HZeref said:
Mar 14 '15, 12:42AM


BStreet said:
Feb 9 '15, 5:36PM


ArticWolf11 said:
Aug 12 '14, 3:18PM


Sher ali said:
Jul 2 '14, 5:06AM

I am Aang

ch5354 said:
Feb 15 '14, 1:45PM


Sami12 said:
Jan 26 '14, 10:34AM

I got suki this is a first

RainInTheShadows said:
Mar 13 '13, 2:51AM

I got Toph! I am an Avatar buff! ^_^

Kepler said:
Dec 21 '12, 6:12PM

I am Suki, apparently.

Qween_of_nerds1 said:
Apr 29 '12, 8:24PM

HELL YEAA!i got togh!and then i did the guiz again and got zuko...WITCH ONE AM I?!

xforgetXmex said:
Apr 3 '12, 12:21PM

toph yep me.

LegolasPWNS said:
Aug 7 '11, 9:51PM

Aang. Whoopdeedoop.

Wooden Bridge said:
Jun 17 '11, 1:56PM

I knew it! Katara :D
I reallu like Zuko...just saying.
C00l quiz!

DareDevil said:
Apr 17 '11, 2:18AM

Not bad. Suki and Zuko are defanatly high on the list.

emo666 said:
Jun 5 '10, 9:55PM

WOOT! Zuko!

Katara2009 said:
Jul 14 '09, 3:51PM

yea!!!!!!!! Iam suki, "This is a first.

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