Which u2 band member are you most like?

Have you ever heard of the band u2? They are a band that originated in Dublin, Ireland. The four members are Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr.

Have you ever wondered which u2 band member you were like? This is a quiz that will tell you which one you are most like. I hope you like it!

Created by: amazon
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3. You are walking down a hallway of a school, when you see a sign up sheet for a band. You...
Are the one who wrote the sign.
Have been practicing for years for an opportunity like this! You sign up immediately.
Have been in a marching band before, so you sign up.
Have no experience, but you sign up anyways.
4. Your band needs a place to practice. You...
Offer to have it at your house.
Say "No way!" Your siblings would ruin everything for you.
Dont say anything.
5. You are asked to be a singer for the band. You...
Sing your heart out.
Say that you have a horrible voice and cant possibly sing.
Sing, but the other members say you are not a good singer, so you stop.
Would rather do something else, so you dont.
6. You are aked what you want to do. You say...
"I want to do vocals."
"I want to play bass."
"I want to play the drums."
"I want to play electric guitar."
7. Your band is thinking about having everyone have stage names. You...
Say you think its a good name, in your mind already knowing what you want to be.
Say you think it is a horrible idea and refuse to use one.
8. Your eye color is...
9. Do you wear glasses?
No, but I wear a hat.
Yes. I always wear them so I can see.
Yes. I wear sunglasses no matter if it is sunny or not.
10. You are a class clown.
Of course. What else could I be, a turkey?
Never have been, never will be.
11. You are a rebel.
12. You can play piano.
13. Which u2 member is your favorite? (no effect)
Adam Clayton
Larry Mullen Jr.
The Edge
I dont know/care

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