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Xy624 said:
Sep 28 '09, 12:43AM

Yeah I got Musical master .Soo true !!! I might have stage fright ,but when my friends are there i sing my heart outloud !!!Also i'm a good singer !!Fav color is blue,blue,and ......Blue !!

ImirriSyrinda said:
Sep 22 '09, 8:25PM

I got Musical Master - I do LOVE music, but I'm way into sports as well. All of the answers pretty much describe me. Except dark. I mean, my fave color is black, and I wear it a lot, but I'm not goth or emo. Whatev, nice quiz.

Joshi001 said:
Sep 21 '09, 1:09PM

My gf took this quiz and got the result, Cool. I got the result Smart...both of these are true

rachcab21 said:
Sep 17 '09, 6:05PM

Whoo hoo! I'm cool! Yeah, that's true! Haha! I had just rhymed! haha! AWESOME QUIZ! I'm cool, emo (a little), hot, smart - YEAH! ROCK ON JOSH!

vogue said:
Sep 16 '09, 11:41PM

hmm... not bad. likely the same to me.

Darthvado said:
Sep 14 '09, 8:13PM

So I guess I'm the only one who got dark?

Nice quiz. :)

Puppy xo1 said:
Sep 13 '09, 1:28PM

super sporty :) yepppp!

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