Which superhero/action film would you exist in?

We all know the superhero films (some call them action) that are on out screens today. We watch and experience what its like to be in their world. We grow attached to character, we witness what they go through, what happens to them and how they deal with it.

But what would it be like to be in one of those world? Would you survive? Which one would you be suited for? Which one would you be most likely to grow and prosper, and to rise to the top in? Luckily for you, you can find out here.

Created by: Aimee
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3. You are on the run from a criminal mastermind, but he grabs an elderly lady and suspends her from a tall building, laughing manically and sadistically. What do you do?
I rescue her, of course, not sure how, but I definatly do
I strike up a repartee with the criminal mastermind, distracting him so that some onlookers can find a way to save her
I escape, but feel extremly guilty and find a way to see if the old lady survived..
I shoot at the supervillain, relying blindly on my own shooting talent
4. You are forced to meet with some gangsters, who try to make you do a job for them in return for a lot of cash. What do you do?
I ask them about the various details, and try to negotiate a higher price
Are you mad? No! I would never get involved in organized crime! Or any crime for that matter!
I agree, but go to bed feeling extremly guilty
I ask if I can sleep on it, and go home and ask my butler for advice
5. Someone has made an attempt on your life. Who do you think it is?
Oh god, its that terrorist group again. I suppose I must go sort them out
That bloke who lives across the road has always looked at me a bit funny...
It could be anyone. I must heighten the security on my home...again
I have no clue. I better ask my teammates
6. You are searching the secret warehouse of your sworn enemy, and their sidekick catches you. Instead of ending your life, they make romantic advances on you. How do you react?
This is a surprise. Ah well, I suppose if I resist they'd kill me.... what a tough job this is..
I manage to resist for a short amount of time before being forced to escape somehow
I don't resist, but once they are vulnerable I use my powers to crush them with a hydrogen tank. Ha.
I quickly use my powers to escape. Phew.
7. Your sworn enemy interupts a family get together at your house, threatening to kill your family if you don't join him. What do you do?
I join them. What else can I do?
I engage my enemy in witty banter whilst secretly dialling to my jetpacks to come crashing through the wall-which is exactly where the enemy is standing
I start to fight the enemy, and shoot him in the face, several times
I signal to my teammates (cleverly disguised in the party) to draw their weapons on him.
8. You need a costume. What is it?
I keep it in my special room.. the contents of this room can't be disclosed I'm afraid...
Black to blend in, involving a mask to hide my identity and a cape to swoosh around
Something that is tight and leaves little to the imagination. I like to enhance my features.
It's versatile and made of a special material which is inflammable, inpenetrable and unstoppable!
9. You need a way to get around. How do you?
A special car that I named after myself, naturally
Jetpacks attached to my costume
My special powers enable me to move around very quickly
In a large plane which a teammate disguises from prying eyes using her powers
10. It's gone and happened- your sworn enemy has kidnapped your love interest and is threatening to kill them. What do you do?
I build some bigger, better weapons and go stright for my enemy
I visit my sworn enemy and tell them that if they don't release my love interest I'll decimate the old peoples home where their relative is staying. Gotta be one step ahead my friends
I enlist the help of the police and get them to distract my sworn enemy whilst I rescue my lover
I desperatly negotiate some terms with my enemy- anything to save my lover
11. The city has turned against you, believing you to be the true villain thanks to some pesky journalists. How do you react?
After all I do for them! *storms out*
I grimly lock the door to my cellar, keeping the key in a place especially for a time when I may be needed.
I take this as an okay to go and settle down with my love interest
I speak to my boss about it, who gives me some inspirational advice
12. You realise there is a psychotic new superhero in town who is much difference to anything else you've ever encountered. How do you react?
I repeatedly tell myself they can't be that bad.
I create some new gadgets, just in case
I decide to practise some new fighting skills with my friends
I buckle up my new belt (which I've named after myself) and gravely head out into the unknown

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