Which Star Wars Character Are You?

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stormfur said:
May 30 '14, 10:43PM

luke mwa ha

kaitlynrose13 said:
Feb 26 '14, 4:23PM

I'm Yoda O-o

BaconCat said:
Feb 14 '14, 10:08PM

Wassup! I'm Darth Vader beeshes!

lastfrhere said:
Jan 21 '14, 12:49PM

I got Han Solo. That's good. He's hot.

ramalingam said:
Dec 26 '13, 11:52AM



kowalskiho said:
Nov 6 '13, 5:03PM

My results are as follows...........

79% Jar Jar Binks

69% Princess Leia

62% Luke SkyWalker

58% Yoda

53% Han Solo

4% Boba Fett

3% Jabba the Hutt

0% Darth Vader

DarthVader said:
Aug 30 '13, 10:54PM

Your Result: Princess Leia

Congratulati ons, you are a princess! That means you are often bossy and a bit of a snob. However, you are mindful and helpful of the little people in the galaxy.

88%Luke SkyWalker

Yay, I love them

MythAngel said:
Jul 17 '13, 1:27PM

Princess Leia

Morgan3929 said:
Jun 30 '13, 10:45AM

Yay!!! I got Yoda!! :)

SteveAwesome said:
Apr 18 '13, 8:34AM

I'm Yoda! Knowing how random I am, I should of got Jar Jar.

MrPotatoToons said:
Apr 1 '13, 3:15PM

Yes, Darth Vader is mine!

Joy03 said:
Mar 30 '13, 1:02PM

why is almost everyone jar jar binks? (including me) i mean seriously?

MOO COW 211 said:
Feb 28 '13, 6:31PM

I am Jar Jar Binks0_0

jacbow2 said:
Nov 30 '12, 9:18PM

yoda yay

DarkWolf666 said:
Oct 4 '12, 1:45AM

I got Han Solo. Awesome :)

VampireGirl101 said:
Aug 24 '12, 1:16PM

OMG!!!!!!!! I.GOT.LEIA.!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

JohnLennonLover said:
Jul 22 '12, 1:17PM

LOL! My brother got told he was Jar Jar, and what it said he was annoying! Hahahahahahagahahah aha

shazz said:
Jul 19 '12, 10:31AM

I'm Jar Jar? WTF! Now get a life!!!!

jack10cool said:
Jun 17 '12, 10:18AM

Which Star Wars Character Are You?
Your Result: Jar Jar Binks

"OMG, you are SOOO annoying!" I bet that you get told that a lot. Your flighty attitude is charming at first but tends to get you in a lot of trouble and gets excommunicated from your society. Be more careful!

PurpleCherries said:
May 31 '12, 8:43PM

Jar Jar Binks! Haha... I hate that guy...

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