Which Star Wars Character Are You?

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Joy03 said:
Mar 30 '13, 1:02PM

why is almost everyone jar jar binks? (including me) i mean seriously?

MOO COW 211 said:
Feb 28 '13, 6:31PM

I am Jar Jar Binks0_0

jacbow2 said:
Nov 30 '12, 9:18PM

yoda yay

DarkWolf666 said:
Oct 4 '12, 1:45AM

I got Han Solo. Awesome :)

VampireGirl101 said:
Aug 24 '12, 1:16PM

OMG!!!!!!!! I.GOT.LEIA.!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

JohnLennonLover said:
Jul 22 '12, 1:17PM

LOL! My brother got told he was Jar Jar, and what it said he was annoying! Hahahahahahagahahah aha

shazz said:
Jul 19 '12, 10:31AM

I'm Jar Jar? WTF! Now get a life!!!!

jack10cool said:
Jun 17 '12, 10:18AM

Which Star Wars Character Are You?
Your Result: Jar Jar Binks

"OMG, you are SOOO annoying!" I bet that you get told that a lot. Your flighty attitude is charming at first but tends to get you in a lot of trouble and gets excommunicated from your society. Be more careful!

PurpleCherries said:
May 31 '12, 8:43PM

Jar Jar Binks! Haha... I hate that guy...

Fardreamer said:
Apr 17 '12, 12:36AM

Luke Skywalker? Eh, was hoping for Anakin, but I'll settle.

checkers321 said:
Mar 18 '12, 12:38AM

I ended up anikan skywalker it seid try not to kill your family and friends

mythgirl61 said:
Feb 20 '12, 12:09AM

I met Skgwalker litteraly. We don't know which one he is though. We were at natures classroom and this one kid that sat at my meal table was FOLLOWING HIM AROUND!!!

christj1 said:
Jan 31 '12, 1:34PM

Your Result: Princess Leia

Congratulat ions, you are a princess! That means you are often bossy and a bit of a snob. However, you are mindful and helpful of the little people in the galaxy.

hey!! im not THAT bossy i admit i am bossy but okk i admit i am bossy X0.

ponyperson said:
Jan 8 '12, 4:02PM

Luke or Jar Jar Binks...cool....I guess...

tazemaster said:
Dec 26 '11, 6:09PM

What? No Ewok option? But they're so cute!
Quiz made by Luke - Luke Skywalker, that is. ;)

MrStarkiller545 said:
Dec 26 '11, 4:02PM


imadoofus said:
Aug 26 '11, 6:30PM

Yoda. Every time.

Ithorian said:
Jul 24 '11, 3:48PM

I'm Luke with my T-16

Jun 29 '11, 7:45PM

Meesa Jar Jar Binks :D

Aweya said:
Jun 21 '11, 11:15PM

I got Luke weird that was unexpected

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