Which song are you from all time

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A7Xs_girl3593 said:
Oct 8 '09, 8:40PM

Cool love that song and band!

Nallie said:
Jun 9 '09, 7:46PM

Perfect isn't about PEOPLE not understanding him, it's just his dad. That's the first verse!

lol time said:
Jun 7 '09, 5:57PM

Gives you Hell by All American Rejects. Good song. Good quiz.

cutiepie2011 said:
May 29 '09, 6:05PM

cool i got party people by fergie n nelly whatever good quiz i guess

starfire3 said:
May 23 '09, 11:50AM

perfect by simpleplan

So people don't understand you don't worry they don't understand me either all you have ever wanted was for someone to be proud of you without pointing out every little thing you do wrong or forget to do

thats me

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