Which Sarah Connor Chronciles Character Are You?

Robots from the future? You must be crazy right? WRONG! What would you do? Figure out which Sarah Connor Chronicles character are YOU? Find out in this quiz. Hope you like it!

You could be a resistance fighter, a secret robot from the futur, or maybe just a person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time! Let's kill some robots!

Created by: Billy
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3. You're out scouting the perimeter, and you see a T-888 Terminator. What do you do?
Look around and see if there are any more in the area.
Think of a quiet, effective way to deal with it.
Run and let someone else handle it.
Go warn the others, and comeattack it as a group.
Deal with it, but don't comletely destroy it. It may have useful information.
4. You're school exams are today, but a very sepecial salesman has offered to meet you at 8:00. What do you do?
School is just a cover. They have make-ups for a reason you know.
School is more important. He should have offered to meet after 3:00.
Mysteriouly dissappear at 7:45, and reappear after the meeting.
Send someone else to do it. The guy will probably blow you off anyway.
5. You get teleported to the future, the first thing you do is:
Make sure you have a place to stay, and plenty of money. Can't save the world if you live like a hobo.
Get a job, and a few fake IDs, good cover is everything when dealing with machines.
Make sure noone followed you, and kill anyone who did.
Kill a random person, and steal their identity.
Try not to do anything stupid.
Hook up with some old connections.
6. You know you're dying, but you can't make it back. You carry vary useful information though. What do you do?
Call Sarah with your sell phone. Duh.
Write a cryptic message on the side of a building.
Send a message pigeon.
Yell at the top of your lungs.
Just give up. Life tanks.
7. You've been raised human, but were created machine. What do you do?
Commit suicide.
Yell at a random stranger.
Try to be good no matter what you were created to do.
Mark it off as a nightmare.
Embrace yourself and complete your mission.
8. Judgement Day is approachng, and robots are still about. What's your first thought?
I failed.
There's still time.
Go hide in a hole somewhere.
Alert the public with a box, sign, and megaphone.
Commit suicide.
9. Your comrade just died at the hands of a Terminator. How do you cope?
Do nothing. He/She died for a noble cause.
Get revenge.
Mourn for weeks.
Spend a month in a monastary.
Blaim yourself.
10. Someone close to you is in danger due to your secret life, what do you do?
Tell him everything.
Kill him, and save him/her a slow painful death.
Kill the killer before he/she/it reaches your friend.
Do nothing.
Convince him to move out of the country.
11. Judgement Day has passed, and nothing happened. What now?
Stay on the look out. Things aren't always what they seem.
Try to live a normal life, no matter what you've seen.
Turn into a hermit with no life purpose.
Make Skynet and then destroy it so you have something to do.
12. Skynet turns out to spring from a different source, and it's up to you to stop it. What do you think?
Here we go again.
Let someone else handle it.
Walk away.
Spring instantly into action.
Recruit a team, and take it down.
Commit suicide.

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