Which Pride and Prejudice Character Are You?

Love and marriage in Regency England was quite complicated. Jane Austen wrote about it in her novels, especially Pride and Prejudice. Do you wish you had lived in the regency period? Do you see yourself in Jane, Elizabeth and Lydia Bennet, or Charlotte Lucas?

Take a few moments to take this short quiz and see which character you most resemble from Austen's most beloved novel about life, love, and mistaken impressions. How do your views on life and love measure up?

Created by: amazon
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3. When you first meet a man, do you:
Smile shyly, yet politely, and express your pleasure at the acquaintance
Immediately engage in playful, yet proper banter
Talk about the weather, but surreptitiously try to find out what kind of living he makes
Flirt shamelessly with him
4. You just got home from a ball. Your maid asks if it was a successful evening. You respond:
"No! I had to sit down for one dance!" (burst into tears)
"It was quite pleasant. I talked with my friends most of the evening, when they weren't dancing."
"It was so-so. I had fun dancing, but there weren't any interesting new people there."
"Oh! I danced with the most pleasant young man!" (sighs dreamily)
5. Gossip alert! What do you do?
Dish the dirt with the best of them!
Ignore it...it's improper and rude. Plus, it might hurt someone's feelings!
Don't partake unless absolutely necessary.
Sit within listening range, and store your juicy tidbits away.
6. Uh oh, here comes your boorish, self-important cousin. How do you escape?
Escape? Why would I want to escape? He seems harmless enough.
I can't escape, I have to set a good example.
Run and hide in the shrubbery!
He's such a nincompoop! How amusing! I think I'll stay and see what he says next.
7. You're hoping your paramour will ask for your hand in marriage. To encourage him, you:
Maybe talk to him more frequently, but nothing more. You don't want him to think you're someone you're not.
Encourage? I wouldn't dream of it. He must know that I favor him.
Sleep with him.
Do everything you can (within the constraints of propriety) to let him know his advances would be welcome.
8. Oops! Someone's jealous! You deal with competition by:
Laughing them off...anyone can see through her tricks!
Spreading vicious gossip, whether true or false.
Waiting until the competition has failed, and picking up the pieces.
Oh, I'm sure he knows what's best. (sob!)
9. The most important thing in marriage is:
A comfortable living situation.
Love, true love! It's the only thing that matters.
Love, but a nice house doesn't hurt.
The quality of the marriage bed, if you get my meaning.
10. First impressions are:
Highly reliable.
Totally trustworthy!
Stupid! Looks matter more.
11. What is your best feature?
A pair of fine eyes
All-around beauty
Youthful vigor
A steady character
12. How do you feel about your mother?
I respect her, but she's difficult to deal with.
She's an embarrassment! But I try to cover for her.
A bit of a gossip, but respectable.
My mum is my best friend! She tells me to have as much fun as I want!

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