Which Pilgrim Are You?

Which Pilgrim are you? The following questions are designed to give you a clue as to who you would be if you were a Pilgrim in the Canterbury Tales. Ride along with the characters on their journey and see if you can understand them a little bit better.

Are you trustworthy and noble as the Knight? Perhaps you are motivated by self gain and position like the Reeve. Maybe wine, song and dance is more to your tastes. Either way, this little quiz is a fun way to find out which Pilgrim you would be. Nothing is written in stone, but it is a fun way to explore.

Created by: Rita
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3. If you had your choice to go to a party with Brad Pitt or stay with a sick friend, which would you do?
Go to the party with Brad Pitt
Stay with my sick friend
Have to think about it long and hard
4. You find a large sum of money in an empty parking lot. No one is around. What do you do?
Take it to the nearest police station
Pocket some and turn in the rest
Keep it because no one saw me
5. You see your best friend's boyfriend out with another girl. What do you do?
Tell your friend what you saw
Confront your friend's boyfriend
Join them for dinner
6. You have a business client who wants to hire you for an ad campaign. You don't believe in the product he is wanting to sell but he is offering you a large sum of money. What do you do?
Turn down the job because of personal beliefs
Do the ad knowing it isn't something I would buy
Wine and dine him for more business
7. You won front row tickets to see the Spurs play but you had promised your elderly Mother you would help her clean her attic on the same night. What do you do?
Give the tickets away and help my Mom
Lie to my Mom and go to the game
Take her with me to the game
8. You are given $50 to buy your boss a gift but you need that same amount to pay your electric bill immediately or it will be disconnected. What do you do?
Buy the gift and find some way to get the money
Pay the bill and pay the money back for the boss's gift
Use the money for your own needs
9. You are on a blind date with an unattractive man and you see your old boyfriend who is a model. What do you do?
Say hello and introduce your date to him
Avoid eye contact and ignore him
Say hello and never introduce your date to him
10. You are waiting on the street corner for a bus. Two young men come up and begin harrasing a young girl beside you. What do you do?
Tell them to leave her alone
Say nothing but call the police
Walk down the street to another bus stop
11. You see someone you dislike broken down on the freeway. What do you do?
Stop and give them a ride
Drive on past
Charge them for driving them to a garage
12. You were invited to a party of a wealthy client who will have expensive food and drinks. On the same day, you were invited to your best friend's back yard bar-b-que. What do you do?
Go to your best friend's party
Go your client's party. Your best friend will understand
Tell your best friend you are sick and go to your client's party

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