Which Papadopulos are you?

This quiz is based off of the characters from the comic: The Pirate Balthasar. A romantic comedy taking place in the Mediterranean sea during the XVII century! Care to join us on board?

Let this quiz helps you find out who truly is closer to you. You might feel closer to one of the girls and don't even realize that, deep down, you are truly like Pifo! I challenge you!

Created by: Deda of the pirate balthasar
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3. One of your friends is inviting to his party everyone in school but you.
It cannot be, I am too pretty to ignore.
Who cares? I am too busy with my own stuff, anyways...
It's alright, it's probably because I never go to parties when they invite me.
Are there any cute guys? I am so going to crush the party!
Of course he is inviting me, I'm the life of a party.
I didn't want to go, the food sucks too... (oh, God, why wasn't I invited? They have spring rolls)
4. Your sister gets better grades than you do and gets rewarded quite often by your parents for that.
Who cares? Life is about practicalities not books!
As long as I have boys around me, I am fine with that.
She totally deserves that.
t's all good, I stuff myself with food and all the sorrow disappears... wait, does she get food as a present?
Oh, ehm, I guess I'll have to study harder to make my parents happy.
It cannot be! I am the genius of the family!
5. A cute boy you don't know asks you out on a date...
Can he cook? Does he pay for food and stuff? Wait... cute? How cute? I am not into cute guys... oh, dear Lord, he is cute!
Hee hee... that cannot be! I never attract cute boys
Cute or not... is he interesting? I might consider him
What family is he from? What does his dad do? Is his mom a nice lady? What does he want to do for a living?
Cute? How cute? Cute and cuddly? He is quiet and submissive? I like that!
6. You only have 20 dollars and you have to choose to spend it on something you like and really really want... and something you need and cannot do without.
hm... I don't know... I might ask for advice. I think I should get the thing I need first.
Oh, I am going to buy this and that and that... and... wait, how much? 20 dollars? So stingy!
Can I spend them on clothes? Clothes are something I really want and I do need! What? My closet is too full?
No doubt about it. I will use them to buy what I need
Mhhh... screw the stuff I want and the stuff I need: I'll spend them on food!
No doubt about it. I will save the money for later
7. Books.
Are good! Particularly people's diaries... and particularly if they write eeeeverything in it! Eh eh.
I like books. They take you places and you don't have to talk to them.
Books are like food for the minds
I like them... they help me level up the furniture when the legs are too short.
I don't particularly think good or bad about books. There are more important things in life though.
You learn things from book... if they have pictures and they are explicit... I like that kama... satra... Sama... tutra... it's got pretty pictures!
8. Food.
Is a good thing. But I eat to live I don't live to eat
I like sweets
Is one of those simple things in life you truly must enjoy.
I like cooking it
I like savory food.
I like it spread on a cute guy's body.
9. Love!
Love love love love... makes the World go around! Love is freedom.
I like love... I fantasize a lot about love.
I am all for settling down!
I am not for commitment... we should have our fun.
If it happens it happens.
it's complicated.
10. Your motto.
Love as if it were the last day on Earth.
Live life to the fullest.
Think before you act.
Speak less and listen more.
What's a motto... can I eat it?
Girls just wanna have fun!
11. Your ideal man.
someone who truly knows me and accepts me for who I am.
very patient.
A person you can talk to and share things with every day.
As long as he's obedient I am fine.
I don't have an ideal as long as we care for each other...
12. A pirate kidnaps you, what do you do?
Kyaaaah! tehee!
I am not easy to kidnap!
Let's play hide and seek.
Please don't drop me, sir...
wait... wait... Heeeeeelp!
honestly, you are pushing it... for two doughnuts!

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