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Minnie Kyley said:
Apr 16 '15, 5:40PM

Ahhhh eiSh Am Not After Money Hey

_klynn_ said:
Sep 9 '14, 9:36PM

just_smile said:
Nov 24 '09, 3:40PM

i got angelina i HATE that name (no offence angelinas) and the description does NOT fit me I'm not a shopoholic!

IxXWolfieIXx said:
Nov 13 '09, 1:37PM

I got John and I'm percent sure I'm a girlO.o

seashore95 said:
Nov 8 '09, 7:23PM

dude i got megan.. dude.. that's my actual name.. DUDE THAT'S AWSOME!!!

Supergirl2278 said:
Oct 22 '09, 5:49PM

wtf! I got john n im a frekin grl!! wtf is rong wit dis quiz??

july1sad said:
Oct 17 '09, 10:17PM

wtf i got john and ima girl thats just wrong!

xx4gottenxx said:
Oct 4 '09, 2:17PM

MEGAN?!?!?!WTF?!?!? !?! I HATE SPORTS!!!!

april_dw said:
Aug 24 '09, 3:16PM

hahaha i got megan and i hav an asian friend (no really asian[indian that looks asian, yeah, its weird and gross lol]) but ew i hate this name.. all the girls named megan at my skool are HO's!! lol my name is april and i like it!!!

pokefreak493 said:
Aug 18 '09, 2:26PM

I'm a girl and I got John...w..t..f..

Hazdam said:
Aug 11 '09, 4:48PM

im a girl and i got tommy :) thats a cute name and it reminds me of the rugrats

XxRawRxX said:
Aug 10 '09, 9:08PM

brent?? WTF?! =\ there shouldve been a girl AND guy option at the end 4 every result....

BigBoy23 said:
Oct 17 '08, 4:38PM

I`m a guy and I got Megan (WTF?)

Leg_the_great said:
Oct 11 '08, 1:39AM

Huh. I Got Megan? I Know Im A Girl But Im Not Jock! =P

Afactor97 said:
Oct 10 '08, 3:43PM

John??????? im a girl

misskiss said:
Oct 10 '08, 11:09AM

tommy? wtf.. i'm a girl..

CM Punk said:
Oct 10 '08, 2:46AM

eww i git Angelina that sucks :(

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