Which Monster likes you? (Part2)

In this part your continuing in school. The fun starts and soon ends but expect more from another day! If you can last that long! Don't expect everyone to trust you! Some are begining to suspect you. And you can't run away!

Derik the vampire is starting to open up.Chris the werewolf is getting used to you.John the elf is starting to notice you.Fred always gonna be your friend. But next time not everyone will be your friend!Some are waitig in the shadows.

Created by: DragonGoddess
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3. Fred notices how your reacting to what he said, "What's wrong?" You say...
Nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!
N- *Twitch, twitch* Nothing!
4. The bell rings signaling that lunch is over, as you and Fred leave the table Fred turns around, "Meet me at the same table tomarrow?" You..
Smile and say, Yes!
Nod shyly.
Shrug. Whatever!
Blush and nod.
5. While your at your desk at class you notice that Chris is looking at you. You...
Look out the window casualy.
Look at him and smile.
Blush and look away.
Just ignore him and listen to the teacher!
6. You feel something slip into your hand and you look at it curiously. It's a note. You open the note and it reads, 'Sorry about earlier. You looked kind of scared, didn't want to scare you anymore!' You...
Fold up the note and put it in your pocket.
Tear it to shreds when he's not looking.
A note from Chris! OMG!
Make oragomi out of it!
7. Finaly the bell rings and you pass by Chris. He winks at you and then keeps walking like nothing happened. You...
Can't... breath...
Roll your eyes and keep walking.
Keep your head down and walk to your locker.
Giggle happily!
8. After putting your stuff in the locker you find the hallway empty. You dash around trying to find the bus stops but know you're lost! You hear a dark laugh from behind and...
Who's laughing at me!?
Is something on me?
Growl back.
9. You turn around to see who's laughing. In a sudden rush someone's got ahold of you their mouth right over your neck. You glimps Derik as the person holding you. You...
Smile. If it's Derik, I don't mind!
Growl and try to push him off.
Try to think of a way to get away from him.
Blink. Why's Derik here?
10. He lets go of you and appologizes, "To make up i'll lead you to the bus stop." He takes you down the hall and at the end is the door to the bus stop. You...
Smack your forehead. It was just down the hall!
Huff and kep walking.
Omg! I'm with Derik!
Wonder how you could have missed the bus stop when it was just down the hall.
11. You thank Derik and leap onto your bus. Fred grabbs your hand and pulls you down to sit next to him with his many friends. You...
Talk with his friends and him.
Fall asleep on the bus ride.
Pull out a book to pass the time.
Totaly ignore everyone.
12. After everyone is off the bus your on the last stop. As you walk off the bus driver turns to you and says, "When you enter this school there's no escape. Don't try to run, or they'll come for you." You...
Shrug and walk home. Whatever!
Try not to freak out! Walk home.
Laugh. Yeah, Sure!
Walk away calmly.
13. Are you ready for the next day?

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