Which 'Miracle' Player Are You?

Do you believe in miracles? In 1980, the US Men's Olympic Hockey Team defeated the Soviet Union in what became the 'Miracle on Ice". It was eventually voted the greatest sports moment of the 20th century!

If you were not alive in 1980, you most likely heard this story from the 2004 movie, "Miracle." It portrays this diverse team and how they had to unite against a common enemy. Each player has there own characteristics, so find out who you are!

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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You find yourself with some free time after practice. You choose to:
Head back to the rink to work on your shooting.
Kick back and relax! Today's work is done!
Gather some teammates for a group bonding session over dinner.
Call home to tell your family about something interesting that happened at practice!
Stay in and read a book. Your close friend isn't home and you're still getting to know the others.
4. What is your best quality?
You are super determined and will do anything for your friends. Yet, you aren;t just friends with anyone!
You are very relaxed, even in busy times. You don't feel a need to rush in life.
You get along with everyone and you are a true team leader!
You are exremely social and use your positive influences to achieve your goals.
You are the best at everything you do.
5. Describe your physical appearance.
Brown hair, brown eyes. Not the tallest of the bunch. You have very chiseled features and are extremely good looking.
Blond hair all the way! You are the definition of cute!!
You look like a stereotypical Italian!
Brown hair, brown eyes. Quite tall. Your hair is slightly long and you're always smiling.
Light brown hair. You aren't very tall but you are very mature.
6. What position do you play?
Anything on the first line. You went from center to left wing. Not to brag but, you're a very adaptable player!
Usually right wing, but you keep switiching lines. You're still trying to find your niche.
Left Wing. You aren't the best at your position, but you hold your own.
Goalie all the way! You never knew the rules of hockey anyway! You hold the team together.
First line center! You're the best player on the team, but at least you're humble about it.
7. An opponent tries to start a fight with you. You choose to:
Back away!! Even though he's a jerk you know you can't fight for your life!
See what happens. If he throws a punch you'll throw one back. Although you're not particularly one for trash talk.
Throw a punch or two! He was bad mouthing you!
You would never get stuck in that situation, you are the one who usually watches everything happen.
Decline in a sophisticated manor. You believe hockey is about skills, not fighting. Besides, you're not going to let some goon ruin your game!
8. What is your favorite activity besides sports?
You're eclectic interests include reading and writing. You don't believe in reality shows.
Anything relaxing!! Whether it's watching tv or hanging with friends, you're making sure that you're having a good time!
Watch some reality shows or go hang out with whichever teammate you can find first!
Talking. You can never stop talking. At least your stories are interesting as you love to share them!
Your likings are very diverse from literature to watching some tv during down time, and even trying to socializing a bit
9. Best describe your family:
You come from a weathy family, your dad is a lawyer. You have three brothers who like hockey as well and you hate being a younger one.
Your father was a well known NHL player and you find everyone having those expectations for you but it doesn't pressure you.
You have a huge family! Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, they're all here!
You have eight siblings, but take pride in being the older one. You really value alone time! Your mother passed away when you were 16, which strengthened your bond with your father.
Your dad is a famous hockey player, but well known for his coaching now. You find yourself becoming his mini-me, but you rather enjoy your success with his support.
10. The team locker room loves to pull pranks. You are:
The victim of most of the pranks. Everyone loves to pick on you because they know you will rise to their bait.
The one who played the prank! Everyone loves a good laugh!
Always a premiere suspect when trying to find out who pulled the prank. No one will ever know if you did it...
The one in the stands. You enjoy watching these pranks but you're never involved.
Untouchable. No one would dare prank you as they don't want you to be flustered. Yet those silly jokes wouldn't bother you anyway.
11. What's you favorite movie quote?
"It's a fancy term that means being scared of the guy that lives next door." (1981)
"You've got a million dollar set of legs and a ten cent fart for a brain." -Herb Brooks
"I play for... the United States of America!" (2004)
"We're a family." (2004)
"You want me to take your test, I'll take you test!" (2004)
12. The tape on your stick is slightly unsymmetrical. You:
Fix it meticulously until it satisfies your perfection standards.
Don't even notice! Why would you?
Don't really feel a need to fix it, you have other superstitions to deal with.
Don't waste you time trying to fix it, you aren't one with superstitons and don't believe in psychology.
Laugh about how you best friend cares and you don't.

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