Which Mcfly Member Would Sleep With You?

This is quiz to see which mcfly member would sleep with you. Just click The answers that you think would describe the best and then click for the next question. Its fun easy and well, You get to see if you get your favourite mcfly member! Yey!

So do you think you have what it takes to sleep with your favourite mcfly boy? But what if you dont get him? Well try out this quiz and see whether your favourite picks you! Remember; This is only a quiz. Sorry for any inconvience.

Created by: Hi
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1. What is your age?
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. It's late and you and your boy are very drunk. What does he say to you?
Lets go back to my place
Do you want me to walk you home?
Come on! Lets party more!
I think I should take you home
Mine or yours? with a wink
4. You decide to stay at the party. But Your boy is getting steamy. What do you do?
Tell him to lay off.
Continue going with it. It can't hurt can it?
Say you've only just met and you wana take things slow
Drag him upstairs to the nearest bedroom
Let him no what he can have later
5. How does your boy re-act through out the party?
He keeps his arm around you; kissing you every now and again
He's showing you off to all his mates of course!
He holds your hand all the time and asks if your ok
He stand holding your hand; very shy a first but then getting better.
He leaves you in the corner to go off and talk to his mates.
6. You ask if you can get him a drink. He says;
Yeah of course; Only If I can buy you one back
Yeah! Guinness please babe
Il get this one..
Um, Yeah sure. Thank you.
No Its alright. Im ok.
7. You decided to go back to his flat; But what does he do?
Jumps on you the moment you walk in the door.
Gives you a gentle kiss to see if you want to take it further
Shows you around.
Ask's if he can get you anything.
Offers to show you his bedroom.
8. You look around his house. What's it like?
Framed posters and guitars on the walls.
Tidy and neat; With a piano in the living room.
A mess; He has lizard tanks and dirty trainers at the front door.
Too neat!
Its nice; with a drum kit in one of the rooms.
9. Your both kissing at his place. What does he say finally..
Are you sure your ok with this?
How about we take this upstairs?
Nothing. He lifts you up and carries you up to his room.
Do you wanna stay?
Nothing. He just sits back and watches tv after
10. Its the morning after. You have a huge headache and you wake up in his bed. What does he say?
I had a great time last night, Then winks and then goes in for round 4
Hands you a mug of tea and kisses you gently.
How much do i owe you? [LOL sorry]
Good morning gorgeous. Fancy coming out with me today?
Nothing. He's quite embarressed about it all.
11. You give him your number. How long until he texts you?
A Day.
A few Hours.
Two Days.
He doesnt.
A few minute after you leave.
12. Finally; What does the text say?
I miss you already xx
Have have to do last night again xx
He didn't text you.
Your amazing in bed. xxxxx
You were really fun to hang out with. Meet you tomorrow? xx

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