Which Martial Art Is Right For You?

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IcemanMHS7 said:
Aug 27 '15, 4:07PM

MIXED MARTIAL ARTS??? fantastic thats what i wanted to hear...im now in a ranger class

Stesiris said:
May 3 '15, 7:09PM

I've been doing shaolin kungfu for the past 5months now. Although I have felt like I've needed more. I've wanted to know a bit about Aikido because I've always loved the art itself and thought it looked terrific although I would but open to different martial arts just not tai chi

LaoHu said:
Apr 30 '15, 4:29AM

I got Kenpo, which I think makes sense for me. I have studied Tae Kwon Do, Isshinryu, and some Shorin ryu karate. As far as all the people dissing Kenpo, they watch too many "cage fights," which are controlled by rules. Not everything works in the street! And just because you studied "karate," it doesn't mean Kenpo has nothing to offer you; All martial arts have something to offer!

Sophia di Angelo said:
Apr 22 '15, 7:04AM

And Kenpo just seems way to off for me. Karate was my 1st martial art, and I have my black belt, now, at age 10, so it makes no sense.

Sophia di Angelo said:
Apr 22 '15, 7:01AM

Uh... I got Kenpo... Not accurate, I TAKE karate. I've always wanted to combine my training of Budokai karate into a smart, graceful, fast way of life. Live smart. Be aware. Be quick. Have elegance.

MissViss27 said:
Apr 18 '15, 10:53AM

I have a 6 year elite background in gymnastics and also do professional ballet training, so im already mega flexible and quite strong. Furthermore im pretty good at tricks, eg. flips, walkovers and aerial things. I've chosen martial arts to combine with my ballet, dance and circus training to add more depth to my physicality while performing (in ballet and circus). I would love to come out of martial arts training strong (not bulky!! long and lean), and would love an art based on line, flow and grace- as i want the art to add to my dancing aesthetic not disturb it. I will not be soley training to compete but i dont want to do tai chi in a park. while looking beautiful [while doing it] is important i also would like to utilize tactics and force, not aggression. i dont care at all for spirituality (i follow a different religion), and while tradition is important it is not major to me. i dont mind having balance spiritually but i have excellent physical balance.
My results on this quiz was Aikido but it didnt seem accurate...?

Kalafina said:
Mar 25 '15, 8:38PM

EPIC! And I got Kenpo :]

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