Which Long Island pretty girl is your perfect play date?

We all love Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and their related bands. And we certainly love their members and their friends, for different reasons. Of course, their music, but they also have different personalities.

So which of them is the one for you? Do you like someone who's absolutely crazy? More laid-back? Less or more of a drama queen? Take the quiz and you will know which one of the Long Island drama queens is the one for you!

Created by: Lucia
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3. What would be your perfect play date?
Stay home, maybe play some video games.
Do something silly, like trespassing or something. Hopefully not get arrested for it. And if we are, hopefully the record will be erased!
Go outside and take pictures of each other.
Just... a regular date. You know, cinema, restaurant, that kind of thing.
Stay home and make crafts.
Go somewhere quiet and have smart conversations, about politics. Or maybe go an Obama rally.
4. What would be a perfect present for your play date?
A big, big craft book.
World of Warcraft. He loves video games.
A CD or a book. Something that will help him be even smarter.
A guitar. He's a music nerd.
A mirror. He loves staring at himself.
A self-help book, 'cause he certainly needs one.
5. Let's say your play date writes songs. What does he write about?
I dunno... I think he invents words? But mostly about awful stories using sad metaphors.
Mostly about feelings. And political stuff.
I've heard one song he wrote AND IT FREAKED ME OUT. I don't even want to talk about it.
Most times I can't understand what he's writing about. I want to believe about exes though?
He writes a lot about regretting the past. I think he's sad.
He doesn't write lyrics, just great music.
6. What of the following characteristics do you like the most in a guy?
He has to be talented. It's a must. Really, really talented.
He has to be smart but in a cute way.
He has to be fun to be around with. And exciting.
He has to be funny and know it.
He has to be sweet.
He has to be someone I can admire, even when he can't see it.
7. What of the following things you don't want in your play date?
He can't be emotionally unstable.
He can't be a coward.
He can't have many different sides to him.
He can't be inmature.
He can't be very full of himself.
He can't be sad all the time. I mean, seriously, SMILE DUDE.
8. Does your play date have a criminal record?
For some reason, he's always speeding. What a stupid thing to get a criminal record for!
No, he's too smart for that.
No, come on, the way he was raised he wouldn't kill a fly.
Yes... for silly things. Like trespassing, or just... stupid things.
Not that I know of.
9. Friends are important. What should your play date's friends be like?
They should be joking all day, but not in a childish way.
They should be childish and hilarious.
They should be cool to have a smart conversation with.
He shouldn't have friends. And he should only go out with me.
They should be always up for doing crazy, risky stuff.
10. What kind of music does he like?
Indie. He has like, an obsession on this guy, he even cuts his hair like him.
Emo or punk and stuff. There are some dudes screaming.
Classic rock. It's weird, though, you wouldn't think he listens to that kind of stuff.
Indie, mostly. But isn't obsessed or anything.
He has a wide taste in music. He even likes jazz.
I don't know much, really.
11. How does he act when he meets someone new?
He's awkward. I think people scare him. Like, people-phobia or something. 'cause seriously. But then he's nice. I dunno.
He's the most awkward guy ever, but he's sweet.
He's very sweet and polite. He'll probably even shake your hand.
He's nice, but not overly polite. Just laid-back.
He's very, very charming. Girls fall in love with him when they meet him.
12. You can pretty much tell a lot about a guy by looking at his exes. How are his like?
They are way smarter than him, and so talented, and they make me want to kick them.
Annoying. Blah.
Young. But I'm young too so that's okay.
VERY HOT. It makes me feel so bad about myself.
He has exes?
They didn't understand him.

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