Which Kim Possible Fighting Style are you?

Kim Possible fans here please. I am going to introduce you a very awesome quiz for Kim Possible fans only! Now you can get your own Kim Possible Fighting Style! Couldn't wait? Then come and get it!

Hey, do you really want one? Think twice. You cannot get a new one once you have got one already. Are you sure you want to do this? I am sure you will! So go on, show your best qualities and chill out in front of your friends with your new style!

Created by: Maya Lee of Kim Possible (I didn't make that)
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3. You are watching a cool movie with some popcorn but some ninjas arrive and steals all of them-even the ones from the popcorn machine! What do you do?
Chase after them, throwing things!
Okay...now it will be all right without the popcorn-I mean, who cares about popcorn that much!
Instead of doing all those, why not get new ones from the store next door?
4. You and your best friends are at a party when the lights go out. What do you do?
Keep trying to see why they suddenly went out!
Good point! Time for a rock and roll night club party!
Light some candles instead-better than going home without any fun!
5. You are playing golf with your best friends when some ninjas blocks the holes with coca-cola cups! What do you do?
Take them out and keep playing!
Dig another hole on the ground and keep on scoring goals-who cares about blocked holes!
Toss golf balls at them until they takes them out and backs away!
6. Drakken and some other ninjas takes over the night club party at your house and kicks all your friends onto your bed! What do you do?
Kick them back right on top of their noses-they want a fat lip?
Run out of the back door! I will never want to be kicked!
Awesome! That will be a ninja party with real bad guys to fight with!
7. Some teenage ninjas drops banana skins all around you so you cannot get out. What do you do?
Use my jet pack and escape!
Jump-run over it and starts to fight!
Squeak for help!
8. Shego ruined a high-level basketball game when you was about to score! What do you do?
Invite her to join your game! She is so gonna love it-she is a great basketball blocker!
Tell everyone to chill and don't get angry-I'd hate a messy court!
Fight with all you've got to get her out and stop her from harming the other players!
9. Imagine if you are Kim, and Ron gets a new crush. What do you do?
Fight both! I'd hate to see them acting the fool in the lunch court!
Say something that comforts both and just leave-What is the big deal, I don't need to kill him!
10. You are about to score soccer when Drakken appears and starts to battle you and the other players. What do you do?
Kick the ball on his face and while he cannot see, kick him out!
Escape for my own life first!
He is so good-I'd think I will help him battle the other players!
11. You see a baby drops his toy on the road and a car is coming towards it. He starts to cry. What do you do?
Help him fetch the toy with your own life-just to make him happy!
Give the baby a hanky-Tears makes me feel sick!
Laugh wickedly and let him cry!
12. You see a coin in the grass in front of you. What do you do?
Pick it up! How lucky is that! Oh yeah, I'd get a free coin! I will show my mum and dad and...
Be very careful-It might be another one of Drakken's traps!
Hold the coin in the air and ask if it is anyone's around here!
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