Which Jedi Are You?

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DismissedEye said:
Feb 23 '16, 9:01AM

I swear it's the British accent.
It's the British accent, isn't it?

Jada Feiri said:
Feb 21 '16, 1:30PM

Great quiz but I suggest you add Force Awakens. Also, I cannot believe people actually have faith in the idiots who are saying the "RE-POST THIS, SO SCARY, CRUSHES NAME" s---.

Ryanal420 said:
Dec 29 '15, 1:56AM

Male or Female
Please revisit this question. Male and female refer to sex not gender and have and other option for those who are questioning or non- binary please. It sucks to be left out and not have representation at all lol

OceanEyes said:
Dec 2 '15, 12:11PM

I got Luke! My favourite! Kind of expected, truth be told, since I can RELATE a lot to him and we are pretty similar.. Still, I love this quiz!

lily12 said:
Apr 24 '15, 2:58PM

I just got Anakin!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Ariana9 said:
Sep 19 '14, 1:28AM

Obi-Wan! Yes, I love him! He's my favorite character.

SpiderGirl said:
Apr 13 '14, 3:21PM

Awesome! I got Luke! So me! Your quiz is awesome!

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