Which Horse/Pony suits you best?

There are many horseriders from all corners of the world. Some are excellent, experienced people, with incredible methods. Some are blissfully inexperienced. Of course, they can't all ride one sort of horse.

Imagine one of the experienced ones on a ploddy, listless pony with no jump. Yes? Imagined that? Now imagine a beginner on a hyper ex-racer with tendency to buck! But this quiz isn't about just the two ends of the scale... it's about finding a pony in the comfortable scale that's right for you! In a few moments; you will find out which sort of horse/pony is right for you!!!!

Created by: HorseyAmz
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How long have you been riding?
A year or so.
A couple of years.
Since I was like... 5? (5-10 years)
Over a decade!
A few months.
I don't ride.
4. What's your favourite thing to do?
Small jumps/Cantering.
Cross Country/Eventing
Hacking out
5. What's the worst problem you've ever had with a pony?
It wouldn't go.
It was hard to stop!
It bucked like mad!
It reared.
It bolted.
It started trotting without me telling it to!
6. Now onto some scenarios... answer honestly or there's no point. Your horse/pony bucks. You:
Scream and fall off.
Panic and end up hanging off the horses mane.
Get a little scared but don't think too much of it.
Remain calm and begin to ride circles.
Ignore it and ride forward.
Panic, lose your stirrups, nearly fall off and by some freak chance remain on.
7. You lose control and end up thundering towards a big jump the rider before you set up. You:
Drop the reins and get into jumping position!
Leap off sort of accidently-on-purpose.
Panic, jerk round wildly and fall off.
Grin... this isn't you losing control. This is how you normally ride.
After a few desperate tugs at the reins, you grip with your knees, grab at the horse's mane and hope for the best.
Launch into jumping position, legging your horse/pony on. Hey! It shows he can jump!
8. Your horse refuses to canter. You:
Scream and hit it wildly.
Check that you're doing everything correctly and leg it on.
Sigh weakly. Perhaps it doesn't want to canter?
Check your aids are correct and give it a light tap with your crop.
Take up a stronger rein contact and make your aids firmer.
Gasp. Is this YOUR horse? It would normally be off at a wild gallop with the aids you're having to give it.
9. How experienced are you in horse care?
Quite... I've helped out at the stables a bit/done pony club for a while :)
Middlish... I've done own-a-pony days/got a few pony club badges/helped tack up or groom.
Not very... I know a bit about tacking/untacking and a bit of grooming.
Not at all really... just enough to get me through lessons.
I'm not.
10. What sort of 'level' of riding are you up to? If you don't jump, still pick the closest approximation.
Walk and Trot, maybe a little canter.
Walk, trot, canter with poles/small jumps.
Walk, trot, canter, large jumps.
Walk, trot, canter, gallop, large jumps.
Helping to train youngsters or XC riding.
Mid-level showing e.t.c
11. How many times are you willing to try something before you give up?
Once or twice.
A few times.
Lots of times.
I'll try for as long as it takes.
Not many.
12. And finally... how desiscive are you?
Um... middly...I think.
Er... um...not at all.

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