Which Heartland Character Are You?

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Based on the SHOW Heartland, not the books, from season 6 and up. Just answer some questions about yourself to see which Heartland character you are most like.

Are you Georgie, Jack, Amy, Ty or Lou? Daring, wise,kind, loyal or a multitasking freak? Until now, you could only wonder. But soon, you shall know!!!

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
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3. You're young and still in school. A kid you've never spoken to and hardly think about is being picked on. What do you do?
These kids know how tough and strong you are. You tell them to lay off and they do.
You tell them to bug off. They look at you for a second, hesitant, but realize you're serious and leave.
You're normally very quiet. You want to stand up and say something, but nerves get over you and it's too late.
You're not afraid to fight. Without a word, you go right up and shove them out, but you might regret it later.
You tell the kids to stop and drag the victim away, even if they protest.
4. You know you dress, think and act different. One day, somebody mentions it in a bit of a rude way to somebody else and you overhear. What do you do?
Go right up to that person and tell them that you're fine the way you are, thanks, and you'd rather they didn't talk about you.
Stand there and watch until they catch your eye and know you've heard. It doesn't bother you much. You like being different.
You pretend you didn't hear and leave, but it bugs you for a while.
You say loud enough for them to hear, "I may be different, but I sure am not deaf," and leave.
Ignore them. Maybe they weren't meaning to be rude, just pointing it out. Still, you can't helping worrying.
5. You overhear two friends fighting. They're known as best friends, but one seems especially hurt. You don't talk to her often, but you can't help thinking about how awful and upset she looked. What do you do?
You're not a sentimental person, but you message her on Facebook and ask if she's okay, not to be nosy or anything.
You know what this is like, and you've got a head full of advice. You tell her that you didn't mean to overhear, then give her some wise words you know anybody would appreciate.
You're a bit shy, but you know she needs someone. You send her a short, caring message to let her know you're there if she needs you.
You don't really know this girl, but she's got other friends. You decide to wait until later to see if they're still fighting.
You break into the fight and tell them to stop.
6. You're at a carnival and your friend wants to go on a high, fast and scary roller-coaster. What do you say?
"Well, I've never been on anything like this, but I guess I'll try!"
"I've been on rides like that...they're just not me."
"Well, if you really want to."
"Yeah, why not?"
"Um, no thanks. I don't like high, scary rides like that."
7. It's raining outside and you can't do anything out of doors. What do find to do inside?
You begin planning fun things to do when the sun comes back out.
Read the newspaper, get the house a bit straighter, and just relax,
Catch up on your work and make sure everything's done.
Study, work on some little projects.
Kill time on the internet: finding out what's going on around town, here and there, updating your blog, such and such.
8. Your birthday's coming up and you're allowed to do whatever you want. What do you ask to have planned?
A trip to Spruce Meadows! Seeing all these highly trained jumpers and horses is what you've being dreaming of!
Nothing but a nice dinner with your family.
A quiet but fun party with friends and family.
Some time to hang out with your loved ones.
A surprise!
9. You must choose ONE after-school program or a club. Which one?
4-H Club (raising an animal, like a goat or lamb for a competition)
Book Club
A sport
Writing Club
10. There's no one else around and it's the perfect time to do something that you've always wanted to try or never get to do. What is that dare?
Try jumping a horse or doing a trick. It's not THAT hard, right?
You practice your singing. No one knows it, but you're not bad.
You sneak over to someplace you know you're not allowed to go but you're just SO curious.
There's something people tell you repeatedly not to touch, but that just makes it more tempting. You HAVE to try it.
You try on other people's clothes, just to see how you'd look.
11. Every five years, your parents get you a BIG birthday present. The time has finally come. What do you choose?
A really cool, fancy saddle that you can do SO much with.
A relaxing trip.
You don't want anything big this year. You don't want to spend all your parents' money.
A vehicle.
A computer.
12. What is your ideal first date?
...how about nothing?
A picnic
A trail ride
A motorcycle ride
A nice dinner with just the two of you

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