Which Hairstyle Are You?

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Devil child said:
Feb 17 '15, 9:45PM

You all just ***** at each other nothing els to do

Devil child said:
Feb 17 '15, 9:44PM

You all just b---- all day don't you. Nothing better to do

yunghopper said:
Oct 19 '14, 5:53PM

my hair is ugly short i need help with my hair because its falling out so help me

unicornfan said:
Apr 17 '11, 1:42PM

they said my hair was long and curly but, my hair is short and straight!


Huntersbabe said:
Jun 26 '08, 12:32PM

This was really stupid!! The questions had nothing to do with the quiz!!!!! Seriously!!!!

love_mollie_do said:
Jun 21 '08, 6:15PM

haha long and curly it would be just like mine if it said luscious...lol

mitsuki1023 said:
Jun 16 '08, 9:11AM

uh, long and curly? thats my real hair...

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