Which God or Goddess are you?

There is a little God or Goddess in us all. The Greek Gods and Goddesses laid down the fundamental building blocks of our society today. Their stories have educated and entertained for centuries.

Which God or Goddess are you? Are you strong and courageous like Ares or are you a lover not a fighter like Aphrodite? Come take the quiz and find out!

Created by: thebanshee
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3. You are asked to go to a party with some friends, you..
go and when you get there you say "Im here now the party can start!"
You say no and retreat back to your dark bedroom and listen to tunes in your bed.
You go and see how many men/women you can get to ask you out.
go and threaten to beat up any one that hit on your best-friend.
go and see how many fights you can get people to start and then sit back and watch in amusement.
Make your friends stay and plan a bigger party of your own in which you can control.
4. Some one at your work is starting rumors about you, you...
Find out who it is and punish them accordingly showing them who is in charge.
You find out who it is, ask them why, and try to mend the problem.
If it's a man you kick him abruptly between the legs, if it's a woman you verbally punish her and then take her under your wing.
You jokingly say it's true and tell them your having a party.
You laugh in their face and politely tell them they are going to hell.
You strategically plan revenge.
5. Some one is destroying the natural balance of the protected rainforests by cutting down trees, poaching, and desicrating the sacred land, you...
are oblivious to your surroundings and can't wait to throw your next party.
actively hunt down these people and punish them.
Plan an organized attack with your friends.
Tie yourself to a tree and tell them love is more powerful than violence.
Wonder how many people will get killed in this global fight for natural balance.
Declare yourself the new ruler of the land and the bad people will have to work for you now.
6. Your best friend gets in a fight at the bar/club, you...
Step in and use your charm to deescalate the situation and seductively ask to buy the other person a drink.
Excitedly whisper fighting moves to your buddy before they start to throw down.
step in and yell "drinks are on me, let's party!" to stop the fight
sit in the corner and judge who will probably go to hell and who wasn't.
Step in and punish them until they apologize.
Take control of the situation and direct everyone where to go and what to do like you owned the place.
7. Your best friend hits on you, you...
Tell them you rather just be left alone to your self.
you say "I know where we can get more of that. Let's go party!"
Punch them in the nose and tell them "not now I'm busy."
You tell them to go fetch your slippers and bring you a drink.
You welcome their advances, they are your solemate.
Isn't love grand? We should all love oneanother, let's have an orgy!
8. Which of these would you be most interested in?
Historical battles, wars, violent video games
The supernatural and paranormal, gothic pleasures.
Romantic Love stories/ movies, relationships
Environmental/ Global concerns, womanism
Politics, Leadership/management, economics
Parties, entertaining, drinking.
9. Which of these best fit your personality?
social butterfly
feminist/ or environmentalist
10. Which of these best fit you?
would like to someday lead soldiers into battle for your country.
would someday like to complete a romance novel or make/ star in a romantic movie
Settle down in the mountains with your female lover and protect the wilderness
Own a club and have one of the biggest parties ever in your city.
Run for mayor, governor, senator, or president
Open a new museum of the dead called the catacombs where you visit ancient tombs and or start your own ghost investigations.
11. Your friend just tells you their significant other broke up with them, you...
Tell them it will be ok and ask where they want to go out and have a drink to ease the pain.
go and find them and make sure they can't hurt anyone else again
ask if they want you to get a hit man, otherwise are they free for the taking?
tell them it will be ok and that you will find a way to get them back together.
Say oh too bad, do you want to go hang out at the graveyard and tell ghost stories?
Have a stong talking to of the other person and tell them their family will suffer consequences if they don't obey you.
12. Which of these do you like best?
a woman
a man
many men and women
no one
many women

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