Which Fruits Basket character are you?

Fruits Basket is one of the most popular shojo anime/mangas in the US. Each character is unique and different, and special in their own way. Want to find out which character you relate to the most? Find out with the "Which Furuba Character are you?" Quiz!

Which Fruits Basket Character are you? There's the sweet, compassionate, caring Tohru, shy and mysterious Yuki, misunderstood and rebellious Kyo, anger management, unique Hastuharu, cute and adorable Momiji, perverted and funny Shigure, and the ever-annoying Ayame-san. Which one are you?

Created by: Casey
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What are you most likely found doing around 7:00 at night?
Doing your homework, chores
Off somewhere, reading, on the computer
On the roof, relaxing, daydreaming, sulking possibly
Playing with your friends, dancing, being happy you, perhaps annoying someone
Psh... whatever =P
Drawing, writing, reading a magazine
4. You get some extra money and you don't know what to do with it. What do you think you'll buy?
Hmm... a present for someone!
Well, I don't know, maybe I'll save it.
What a stupid question I mean come on why the heck would I get extra money?
Mhm. That's nice.
I guess groceries... and maybe some doggy treats...
Oooh! Something sparkly... for me.
5. What's your idea of a perfect vacation?
Oh, anywhere is fine, I'd be grateful for any vacation!
Somewhere where I can get some peace and quiet, and away from those who annoy me *cough ayame and kyo*
Any place that doesn't involve getting wet or water. Meow.
Ooh ooh, an onsen (hotspring) !
Uh, I don't really care.
Somewhere I can bond with *cough annoy* people ^^
6. Out of these, which would you rather do?
Cook, I love to cook!
Go somewhere quiet where I can have some time to myself.
Martial arts and practicing sports.
Mwahaha pick a fight. Yea...
Hug people :3
Get on my editor's last nerve. Teeheehee!
7. Which of these smileys best suits your personality?
T_T or :K
8. Out of these, which is your favorite food?
Oh, I like anything! I do really like riceballs though (considering I am one kinda)
Fruit like peaches, I suppose, and veggies
Salmon, Cod, Riceballs ... anything but leeks or onions or miso!
Sweet things, like desert!
Anything is fine... I guess...
Tohru's wonderful Beef Stew
9. Which colors are the best?
Pink, yellow, soft, pretty colors
Purples, blues, greys, blacks
Orange, black, red
Pink, purple, green, blue, yellow... rainbows, yay!
Black and white.
Bright, flamboyant, loud colors! haha like me!
10. What is your zodiac year? (Chinese Zodiac)
Dog, Boar, Snake
Rat, Horse
I'm an outsider. I wish I were a cat!
Bunny, Tiger, Sheep
Moo? Cow.
11. If you could use two words to describe yourself, what would you use?
Innocent, Caring
Mysterious, Shy
Rebellious, Emotional
Sweet, cute
Funny, Annoying
Unique, Different
12. Which is the best kind of music?
I like sweet, soft songs.
I don't have a preference
Rock, metal, punk, classic
All are nice!
DEATH METAL and rock. Interpretive rock.
13. Which dessert sounds best?
Strawberry short cake
Chocolate of any kind
Devil's Food Cake, die hard chocolate stuff
Cuppycakes :3 with lots of sprinkles.
A cup of tea ^^ or a slice of pie
14. If you were in Fruits Basket, which character/s would you not get along with?
Oh, I like everyone!
That stupid cat. And annoying Ayame!
That evil girly rat boy Yuki, Haru sometimes, Aya, Hiro, and the idiot dog.
Kyo hurts me. Wahhhhh!
Hari's no fun!
Yuki doesn't like me :[
15. Which characters would you get along with?
Everyone :] Kisa's adorable, and Momiji! I really like Yuki and Kyo, too.
I can relate to Kisa, and Rin. I love Tohru!
Tohru. She would understand me and accept me. I know she annoys me, but kagura's okay I guess...
Everyone, especially Tohru and Kisa!
Akito. I love the jerk. Hatori and Aya are my home dogs!
Hatori and Gure-san
16. If you had one message to the world, what would it be?
I love you all and I wish you happiness!
Cat's are useless, foolish creatures.
Damn rat! Life sucks! Nobody understands me.
Don't worry, be happy!
Drink more tea!

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