Which Famous Lubbockite Are You?

Lubbock has produced some famous people in its glorious past, such as Buddy Holly. Lubbock has quite a few interesting characters living in it today, too. Which one are you most like?

Find out which famous Lubbockite you are most like by taking this fabulous quiz! Be honest in your answers. This may be the most important quiz you'll ever take. Yeah.

Created by: Lubbock Chick of Lubbock Chick
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1. What is your age?
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You see your boss at United Market Street. What do you do?
Tell him/her to meet you out for drinks and a discussion about pirates later.
Ignore him/her and wonder how soon a thunderstorm is coming.
Compose a song in your head about how oppressive he/she is.
Throw salad at him/her.
Think smugly about how glad you are they don't sell beer at Market Street.
Nothing. You don't shop at Market Street, because it's run by the white man.
4. For attention, you like to:
Give loud speeches about renaming streets
Buy out and destroy neighborhoods
Score a lot.
Interrupt television shows.
Send the cops over to stop anything remotely sexual from occurring
Write scathing articles about city government.
5. What will you do on election day in November 2008?
Vote for Obama
Vote for McCain
Tell everyone I'm voting for Obama but secretly vote for McCain.
Interrupt the election results with coverage of a dust devil.
Watch basketball instead of election results.
Get drunk and watch tape.
6. Your favorite drink is:
Poor people's tears
Captain Morgan! Arrgh!
Russian vodka, comrade.
Drinking alcoholic beverages is evil. I like iced tea.
Rain water.
7. On Saturday nights in Lubbock, you like to:
Go to my office and do some editing.
Watch the sky.
Win football games! Then go out drinking.
Nothing. I sit quietly at home...I have church in the morning.
Muse about how I'll cause more gridlock in city government.
8. Your favorite Lubbock store is:
I don't shop.
Doc's Liquor Store
Boot City
United Market Street
Bill's Doppler Radar Emporium
9. My philosophy of life can best be described by:
F--- the poor.
Damn the man!
Move to an interior room now!
In vino veritas!
Lubbock or leave it!
All of us learn to write in the second grade. Most of us go on to greater things.
10. For Halloween, I dress up like:
Nothing. Halloween is evil.
Che Guevara
A pirate
Patsy Cline
A tornado
Donald Trump
11. When I want to make someone mad, I:
Throw a chair at them.
Write a mean song about them.
Write a scathing article about them in the newspaper.
Break in on "Lost"
Send the cops to bust up their party.
Lie to them about what city policies I will support.
12. My biggest moment was:
That wild comeback at the Inisght Bowl
When my album went #1
The first time I saw hail!
When my son became mayor and my evil plan took off!
That time more than 50 people read my newspaper!
When I won a national title.

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