Which emoji are you?

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Doggy said:
Mar 18 '17, 10:01AM

I think it was a fun quiz although it could use more questions but I think it was a great quiz I gave you 10 stars right away cause I love emojis so much

sgemaniac said:
Mar 4 '17, 12:36AM

This is my result:Smiling face with smiling eyes 😊

EmoOtaku317 said:
Jan 23 '17, 9:45AM

Your Result: Unamused face 😒

It's more of a grumpy displeased look used to express dissatisfaction. Your sassy, cynical, and you hate when people are fake, act ridiculous or try to be funny but fail

The story of my life... Wait... That's kind of depressing... ;-;

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