Which dog group are you in?

Dogs are as different as people with each one having a different personality. Find which group you would belong to if you were born a dog. I have take each show group and made them into an answer you mgiht get if you take this quiz.

Its fun, exciting, and you find all teh answer to who your inner dog really is. Are your a sweet little yorkie of a fumbling mastiff? Do you wish you were a spaniel or dream of being a graceful Saluki? Now you can reach your dreams, just take my quiz!

Created by: Kydafett
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. A burgular breaks into your house, you....
Hide and call the police
Run away. I know I am faster then they are!
Attack them with a baseball bat
Pop a cap in thier butt!
Yell at them till the leave...or the cops arrive. Which ever comes first
Hide and pray they let me live!
4. Its a rainy day, you..
Stay inside and watch the rain fall
Go for a walk. Who cares about getting alittle wet?
Get bored and beat up my roommate
Go to the club and hang out with friends.
Invite all you buddies over and play board games and watch movies
Study and work on learning new things.
5. What is your faveriot food?
Seafood, something exotic.
Anything healthy, I gotta stay in shape!
Soul food. Mashed patatoes, beans. Good home cooking.
Cake or anything with sugar becasue I am soo sweet!
Anything my mom tells me to eat.
6. How much do you exercise?
When ever I feel like it! Gosh
All the time, I love feeling fit!
Like every day. I am so buff!
I exercise so I look good but that is it.
I dont need to exercise.
Does sleeping count?
7. How do you describe your body size?
Normal sized, alittle on the thin side
Im all muscles, I might as well be in a Bow-flex comercial.
I look as I need to look. Got a problem with that?
Hot, beautiful, perfect. Need I go on?
Less then average. Many people think I look weird or even ugly.
8. You see a hurt kitten outside your house, you...
Look at it then hope someone helps the poor thing
Bring it to a vet then leave it there
Kick it. Bwhaahaha
Help nurse it back to health but make sure my buds dont see this soft side of me.
I would take it to a vet an pay waht ever it takes to get it better. Then I would adopt it as my own
I wouldnt touch it. Might have some kind of disease.
9. Your most loved TV show is...
Chris Angel, mind freak
I dont watch TV
PUNK'D. I love watching people get a prank pulled on them
BET, MTV, some romantic comedies
Real World, laguna beach, Reality shows
Educational Programming. I have to keep my mind sharp!
10. Your Dream Job is...
A proskater or maybe famous Artist
A pro athlete
Anything that is demanding and physical
A famouse rapper, singer, or actor
A popstar ofcourse! My name everywhere, my own mansion, and fans galore!
A scientist, doctor, or genius. lol
11. What is your most loved color?
12. What month were you born in?
Did you just say Ocktober?
I hatched out of an egg...

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