Which Danny Phantom Character Are You?

Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley,... do you wonder which one you would be most like? Well, here is a quiz that features popular characters from the hit TV show, Danny Phantom! Enjoy!

Been looking for a good quiz on what kind of Danny Phantom character you would be if you got in the TV Show? Don't look any further! This quiz is simple, with straight out questions! Have fun!

Created by: karissa of Amity Park
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3. It's the school prom! And in one week! To prepare, you:
Try to ask your future date to the dance without your pants falling down
Think, "Dances? Who likes those, anyway!"
Use your new PDA to hack down a date's phone # to ask them out with
Buy every prom outfit you see at the mall and model them infront of friends to get thier opinions
Work out so your date thinks you're tough
Think to yourself that no one will ask you out
4. Chose A Fenton Gadget:
Fenton Thermos
Fenton Peeler (suit)
Fenton Jet
Fenton R.V.
Fenton Foamer (gun)
5. You are in a battle with the Lunch Lady Ghost! To start off with, you:
Think of a wise crack on the spot, "I think you're a bit overdate, Ghost!"
Grab a weapon and hide till you think she isn't looking
Track down her codes to stop herself from emitting meatballs with your PDA
Check your lipstick; This is gonna get ugly!
Try to outwit her with your best moves
6. You're free this Friday night! You decide to:
Relax tonight and sleep in late. No more work tonight! Hopefully!
Hit the movie theater with your closest friends
Look up that brand new cellphone model on the internet you've been dying to get
Have a pajama party. "Truth or Dare!"
Go to a football game
Stay at home and read
7. Which ghost would you rather fight?
Johnny 13
Vlad Plasmius
8. Mr. Lancer pulls out a pop quiz! You:
Think, "Oh, man! I know I'm gonna fail!"
Relax! You know you're gonna ace it!
Use your PDA to search the internet for answers
Don't listen and work on your make-up instead
Whisper jokes behind Mr. Lancer's back at your friends
Who cares! You're sleeping!
9. You have finally got the courage to ask your crush out! When they arrive at your house, your mom shows them your teddy bear you still use! You:
Deny you ever saw that stuffed bear in your life
Snatch it from your mom's hands and smile guiltily
Make up a reason why you're mom's even there
Are totally embarassed!
Usher your mom over to you and ask her to get out of the house
Run to your room, lock the door behind you, and cry yourself to sleep dispite the date
10. You would say your personality is mostly:
Fun! Always an adventure!
Unique! Different than others!
Computer Geek! Internet, Windows, ect.
Popular! Everyone likes you!
Star Player! You make the points in the game!
Creative! Can make anything superb!
11. It's Monday morning! You decide to wear:
A casual T-shirt and jeans
Black shirt and army boots
A red hat and cargo pants
A fluffy pink top and tight pants
School jacket and tennis shoes
A suit and tie
12. Your friend has just gotten the star role of the school play! You:
Tell them you're happy they got the part
Get front row seats to the production so you can cheer them on
Are happy for them, but inside you really wanted that part
Feel jealous and plan a trick to ruin their career during rehearsals
Tell them out loud, "We will never be friends again! EVER!"
Run to the bathroom and cry behind one of the stalls

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