Which CSI character are you?

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mahima_lovergurl said:
Nov 26 '14, 6:26AM

hahaha totally me!!
Greg You dont take life too seriously,
and can make even the most serious
person laugh hysterically. Although
you are often a goofball, you have
great respect and loyalty for those
you care about. You use humor
often, but arent afraid to deal with
serious situations when necessary.
You put up a tough front, but deep
down youre just a dork that cares
deeply for others. You arent afraid
to pursue whatever your dream is at
the time, and you manage to
overcome whatever obstacle is in
your path. You make friends easily,
but remain loyal to the ones you
care about the most. You love
rocking out to whatever band you
are obsessing over at the time, and
you are always up to date on current
trends. Overall, you are sweet,
funny, compassionate, determined
and loyal.

russiangirl123 said:
Jan 3 '14, 10:09PM

I am most definitely like Nick!

vampiresmymuse said:
Apr 30 '12, 11:44AM

Yeah I'm definatly Sarah! I say what needs to be said whether other people want to hear it or not.

wolfgurrrl said:
Oct 9 '11, 3:05PM

YEP they go it rite i am brutally honest and totally tough i am Sarah

Yay said:
Mar 16 '11, 12:26PM

I wanted to be Greg :D

pyrowolf said:
Dec 21 '10, 10:10PM

Nick Stokes! yeah, pretty well describes me. Awsome quiz!

bestill said:
Aug 4 '10, 4:07AM

These results are really similar to myself--well written test too! :]

Sara. You are very dedicated to your job, and doing what you feel is just. You are very driven and passionate about everything you do, and you tend to be quite moody. You are brutally honest, and are never afraid to speak your mind. You learn quickly, and are always eager to learn more. You tend to be emotionally unstable at times, but you are strong and usually able to cope with high stress situations. You are often sarcastic, and aren't afraid to show how tough you are; although deep down you have a heart of gold. Overall you are witty, passionate, tough, and honest.

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