Which Coronation Street character are you?

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bieberfever4ever said:
May 25 '10, 3:19PM

YAY im sarh platt i used to love her in coronation street!but she left :-[ now im sad xxxxbieberfever4eve rxxxx

someone x said:
Jan 12 '10, 11:48AM

i aint richard hillman lol =]

ginge26 said:
Apr 2 '09, 1:34PM

You're Sarah Platt!

You're very caring, although you might get yourself into some tough spots. Like Sarah, you have to stay strong to get through some of the hard times, and you dont have a problem with speaking your mind, though you usually fall for the wrong kind of men.

lol k.
some old woman on my bus yesterday said i looked like cilla black :'(

Marie2 said:
Oct 5 '08, 12:57PM

i'm gail platt.

Redflump said:
Jul 18 '08, 9:14AM

I am, apparently, Cilla Battersby! Ha!

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